White or black pots

Black or white pots, a doubt that many growers, who believe that White is good for all that cost only a few cents more, but differ in other things arise.


As we can see, many materials for the cultivation are white, and all are related to the reflection of light. We can see grow boxes with white interior to reflect the spotlight, we can see white reflective paper, which serves the same purpose. Thus what it is getimage2 our white pots is reflect light.

The black material we know just the opposite not to reflect. By not reflect what happens is that it absorbs energy, which if the light bounces off it, it´ll absorbe as heat.

To our roots, sometimes it suits the warm and sometimes not, sometimes gives light and sometimes not, which sometimes we be better off putting white pots or put black pots.

Indoor eg little good use white pots, because in a few days of growth at our pots will not reach them no floodlights , which are not our roots will be heated because of the light and will not affect our culture, white or black will get the same result.


It is different when we grow outdoors. If we cultivate in winter we may serve more black so that our roots are kept at a suitable temperature and better eating plants.

images3If we grow seasonal plants and gives the sun virtually all day we agree more white so as not to us hot pot, do not suffer the heat stress and save us many problems.

The water with which we water together with the hot sun beating down on the black pot that will do is cook your roots and make them rot, leaving plant defenseless against the heat and that will not absorb water.

So make it clear that nothing has to see the color of the pot with it for indoor or outdoor, but rather the function that should make the pot as we cultivate.

If you need heat in roots, the best is black, if not we need not to be cooked the roots, we will use white for that reason, not only for being outdoor.


Among them we will have different sizes to fit our plants, and that the best always go about doing transplants for good root systems.

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