How to use the stimulator Delta 9

How to use the stimulator Delta 9 full bloom and Resin Cannabis plant. Few growers unknow this fantastic product for our plants Marijuana, and those who do not know they should , since it is one of the best promoters of flowering for our plants and is 100% organic, also our plants only give fertilizer fully natural.


Delta 9 functions as a catalyst of nutrients that enter into our plants through the roots and forms many new flower buds to have long lines at our branches, will begin to bloom soon and our plants at the end of the crop will have much more of usual resin besides having long queues at all our branches later fatten with other nutrients. Our production will be increased as a 30% say in the pot, and you’ll have the extra weight of the long queues and resin also gives weight to the final production.


He tried out a single storey Delta 9 and our plants do not get fat just because it does not have basic nutrients for our plants, only helps our plants at the beginning of flowering . I say this because there are nobel growers who only use Delta 9 in flowering plants waiting for the miracle and then are carried a disappointment and believe the product is worth, and is using it wrong. Now we will explain well as used Bloom stimulator Delta 9 Cannabiogen.

The way to use Delta 9 in our plants Marijuana is simple, everything depends on the culture medium where we have our plants, so let’s explain by culture media so you wont have problems or questions using Delta 9 on your growing Marijuana .

How to use Stimulator Delta 9 Marijuana in plants Exterior:

If we want to use Delta 9 in our plants outdoor, is not very complicated, but be somewhat mindful of the dates we are, because we must employ it via foliar in our plants before flowering and if we cross the line it may not make the same effect or do not do it perfectly.


We have to wait the day to change from spring to summer season , that day will be the day of spraying your plants with Delta 9. Impale it from top to bottom with Delta 9 and the help of a spray, especially on the underside of leaves 5ml reason Delta 9 per liter of water. Within 10 days of that application must give you another, but this time instead of spraying it, will water the same proportion 5ml / L of water. Within 10 days of that application we re-watering at the same dose. If they are Indica plants here the application stops, if they are hybrids which bloom mid October repeat the dose again and if Sativas November or December 2 more applications. That is, Indicas 1 foliar and 2 in irrigation, Hybrid 1 foliar and 3 in irrigation and Sativas 1 foliar and 4 in irrigation. The manufacturer recommends using it until the end of flowering, we’ve tried both ways and gives the same result using it all bloom as wearing those times, nothing changes.

How to use Stimulator Delta 9 Marijuana in plants Indoor (Soil and Coco):

For Use Delta 9 in our Indoor Marijuana plants and planted on Soil or Coco we use it this way. The day we change the photoperiod to 12pm to go to our plants to bloom will be the day we have to do the first application, will dilute 5ml Delta 9 per liter of water and pulverize our plants, for all the leaves and stems but especially in the undersides of leaves. The 1st days after that application will give another but instead of spraying have to give it to irrigate the same dose 5ml / L .


Within 10 days of that application repeat irrigation with 5ml / L and will be more than enough to give us maximum results thus forming new shoots and increase resin, where in the last application and will be visible in the flowers and leaves but still are small buds. You can continue applying every 10 days until you want, but it is useless since no improvements nothing . When we reached the end of culture between bases, Enzymes and fattening just need you to your Ec Delta 9 to burn your roots of such concentration of fertilizer in the water.

How to use your Delta 9 Indoor Marijuana plants (Hydroponic and Aeroponic):

How to use Delta 9 when planted in Hydro or Aeroponic is different from that used in soil, as by being floating in water and moisture will be difficult for our plants do not rot when we pulverize, so all applications will do it in irrigation water. The dose will depend on your irrigation water, and how to use it will, in the week of changing photoperiod, add in the tank at a rate of 0.3 Ec of Delta 9 per liter of water tank and fill with the other nutrients to the appropriate Ec, in the first week will not exceed 1.0 Ec.


In the second week when changing the water tank again repeat the same dose, 0.3 Ec depending on the quality of your water will be much or little, but it is the dose, up 0.3 Ec with Delta 9. Example, if we Eq without fertilizer should be added to 0.4 Delta 9 until we reach 0.7 Ec, then add fertilizer Base to 1.0. If we use other additives would be, normally 0.4, 0.7 with Delta 9, 0.9 with rooted or other fertilizers until 1 the base, no matter who runs low, do not add more. At 3 weeks using Delta 9, we cut applications since more will be unnecessary, addition we need Eq occupying the Delta 9 in our water to use other fertilizers needed for the fattening of our plants and Enzymes and additives we use.


We have explained everything about Bloom Stimulator Delta 9, how to use it, as it acts in our plants, the results we will get and how to apply it . If you have any further questions you just have to launch your question in the Blog. Growers Greetings !!

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