Types of pruning marijuana plants

In this article we will discuss the different types of pruning marijuana plants and more doublings common in marijuana plants , this type of pruning can be perfectly applied to both to your plants exterior and interior, it all depends on what type of pruning best conforms to your way of cultivation. Then I will name the different types of pruning most effective and common in the cultivation of cannabis.


Apical pruning in Marijuana Plants:poda fim

The apical pruning is nothing more and nothing less than cutting the main point of the plant, thus we will get to have a branching trunk shaped (Y), so we will get vertical growth delay and send more strength to the side branches. Obtaining a more branched and moderate height that do very well to plant varieties Sativas.

Step 1 We find the upper stem of the plant and cut just before the newest major outbreak. This must be done right after the 3rd or 4th node appears your marijuana plant, but it can be applied at any time after the 3rd knot leaves.

Step 2 Once we understood the process we will make a clean break right in the new outbreak, which will lead to the formation of two new major branches. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to expand our plant.


FIM pruning in marijuana:cc-evp01

The FIM pruning is very similar to the apical pruning, since both are short the up growth, but unlike the apical FIM is almost the same, only with this type of pruning will cut 80% of new outbreak. This pruning was discovered by mistake, since whoever invented it, wanted to make an apical pruning, but left some the outbreak is going cut.

The effect of this trimming is obtained from 4 to 6 new stems main together at the top of the plant. In this way we will increase our plant yields with a simple cut. To be a success in this type of pruning, the key is not completely cut the central eye of the plant, otherwise it will become an apical pruning.

Lollypop pruning or pruning lower branches in marijuana:

This type of pruning is to remove the branches below, to achieve greater airflow between the substrate and the ground so we save a lot of trouble when fungus and pests, apart from having a better access when perform irrigation. In addition, these branches below we eliminate, never get enough light so that its buds have just mature, production detracting our main buds. As we undertake this process will achieve greater production of buds at the top of the plant.

Growing marijuana LST:

This type of pruning (mooring) per call it somehow was created in response to the optimization of space and height to those growers who have reduced spaces or do not want to go wild plants and growing too. Today it is a technique that applies mostly to growing indoors , but over time many outdoor growers have adopted this form of cultivation because of its advantages.

The LST is based almost make moorings, which are applied from the first or second week of growth depending on whether it comes from a variety indica or sativa. However each grower decides when to apply the LST system, since this technique LST, aims to control the height advantage while the amount of light emitted either by our high pressure bulb or light rays.

Each ray of light or lumen, is less intense as it encounters obstacles on its way through the plant, either by leaves, branches or shadows from elsewhere. In a culture with LST is undoubtedly the most effective way to take advantage of the lumens of your bulbs. So you get a greater number of buds in the final stages of flowering of your marijuana plants.


Here you have different types of pruning marijuana plants that we can apply in our crops to improve our crops, for all grower, climate and growing space, both indoors and outdoors.

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