Types of pipe for BHO

We are going to show the types of pipe for BHO we have, because there are different not only in appearance , depending on507_bong-cristal which we will get some results or other.

There are different models and brands of borosilicate pipes, but you are not going to show brands but the different effects of smoking that we using in one way or the other. Some are large, small, two-story bubblers, wide mouth, with thin mouth … Depending which we use come in one way or tell you which is the best way to enjoy it.

Small without water:

They are pipes that make its function, have a nail, a balloon and can smoking. But beyond that, simply because to not go through the water, it tastes too strong and not really like to who has proven. You can have it as emergency pipe, but we advise having at least one of water. This pipe is available in two sizes globe, for nail 14mm. and 18mm.


Small with Water thin mouth:

With this pipe, at least we will get much better taste of our extractions, as it will pass by water vapor, removing heat to smoke and becoming much cooler to your mouth, enjoying the best of your BHO. It is an ideal pipe, for those who do not like that between a lot at once, as in the case of medicinal users, as the funnel through which we absorb, is finite and steam will come gradually, as seeping of a joint. You can absorb and swallow, and not directly to the lung.


Large with water wide-mouth:

By using this type of pipes, smokers enjoy more. They have a wide mouth, which always smoke enters the lungs and drowning more. Bubblers typically has a kind of filter holes steam mixed with water bubbling but not all of that, by separating the different steam bubbles cools much smoke and delivered fresh and clean your mouth. They can be fitted with all accessories as nails without balloon or electronic nails.


Large wide-mouth water two floors:

This is the pipe of the pipes, large and wide mouth. A pipe with which you can taste our BHO in the best way. Those who are regular users of BHO, we like to get a lot of smoke to satiate us and fill the lungs. When used, will absorb, but it is so large, only we have to fill with smoke to above, the lung does not give more air. Once filled, stop and breathe, and since we begin to give the shed, we steam and will last until the end, the more steam it can not be, enjoy !!!!


Electric vaporizers for BHO:

They are small and unobtrusive pipettes with a resistance and battery operated. We can vaporize our BHO anywhere or at home. They are charged anywhere , as all USB chargers are usually present everywhere and we provide enough steam to what we put little oil. Using it is like smoking a joint of BHO pure as what we give a puff on a pipe with smoke we can nail 10 minutes with many puffs filled with flavor, stretch more oil but not so full lung.


On our website you will find different models but all agree with their characteristics, or wide mouth and enters the lung, or thin mouth that comes slowly and leaves you that the steam will not suffocate, or electric. As you expect from it, choose one or the other, but at least, we will have an orientation, of which it is best suited to your needs.

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