This summer, choose from cheap CO2!

An indoor grower must always know how to manage the temperature rises within its cultural space.

Throughout your culture, to ensure the proper development of your marijuana plants, it is imperative to adjust your climate between 24 and 25 ° C.

It is under the rate that your plant will benefit from optimal development.


If the temperature is higher at 30 ° C, the CO2 renews properly … and your plants have more trouble breathing.

The CO2 supply is essential if your plants are operating in an environment where the temperature exceeds 30 ° C.

So far, the only really effective product (and least expensive) was a bucket composed of organic material.


The CO2 is then diffused using a pump to an efficiency of 6 months.

This product is called “CO2 Boost“. Its price of 99 €, although justified, is not accessible to all budgets …


We are aware that many farmers can not afford such a purchase!

Now you can opt for a “ExHale CO2 generation Bags“, easier to use and much cheaper!


You only have to suspend your CO2 bag over your plants to let them enjoy an excellent contribution CO2 for 6 months!

It will cost only 49 euros. What more to allow your plants to breathe during the summer?602_temporizador-cornwall-copia

Note that in the framework of a CO2 supply, it is better to put the timer on air extraction. CO2 can thus better diffuse into the box.

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