Testimonies collected about Medical Marijuana

“I wish I could get my cannabis in pharmacies”

Until then, it was unthinkable, or defying the law. But since June 8, France allows the National Security Agency of Medicines authorized health products based on cannabis. It goes on to consider marketing applications laboratories. Already, some patients for whom drugs had reached its limits, use cannabis for therapeutic use. A few responded to the call for evidence testimonies in Lemonde.


Pierre, 35 ans, disabledsecret_pagines_pagines_imatge_21-Algunos_remedios_naturales_utiles_en_casos_de_Fibromialgia_(1)

The medical cannabis helps me every day, it replaces morphine not always effective. I accumulate pains: chronic sciatica, herniated discs and fibromyalgia. This is an infection of Rheumatology causing widespread pain throughout the body. I use cannabis with a vaporizer, and here I test the oil in which I marinate the grass. No tar, no snuff, doctors really like. One of them gave me a certificate statement explaining that, although illegal, is one of the only treatments that work for me.

I tried with the “crap” street, but without success: it had no medical quality. On the Internet, I found out what to take, and how to prepare. Looking plants rich in CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) causes psychoactive effect. Get the grass is more complicated. I am fortunate to have known people who grow and provide to help me. Before I paid 800 to 1500 euros a month, I could not keep up, I had to resort to morphine. I wish I could just go for it in my pharmacy and get a correct and consistent quality, and why not, no charge.”

Michel, 37, engineeruntitled1

Opioids were prescribed to me by my doctor to relieve severe lumbar pain and sciatica related to my herniated disc were not suitable for chronic pain. I had many side effects (constipation, nausea …). With addiction and the need to increase the dose, I was afraid that not calm down the pain. I tried with grass, a joint a night, and the relief was quick lasting.

Cannabis has two advantages: it relieves pain and anxiety of pain. I did that for about a year, but once the pain was treated differently, I stopped. But I was more tired, irritable, I had trouble regaining my good mood after work without the joint of the night. I was becoming bulimic and gain weight and that was bad for my back.

Jean-Marie, 56, disabledMarijuana-Hiv-Aids-480x300-300x187

HIV positive for twenty years, carrier of Hepatitis C, my treatments caused me unbearable side effects, including esophageal spasms that send me to the emergency room every three months.

I found the mother tincture of cannabis. I put 40 drops of breakfast and dinner, and 20 at noon. Since then, I take less medication and I have no spasms or cramps. I started eating, I even stopped antidepressants and anxiolytics. I also take cannabis vaporizer every three or four days to regulate my mood. All this is in my medical records to the hospital and consultation of doctor.

Whenever I risk being out of stock, I freaked. I have a dream: to find the mother tincture in the pharmacy, prescribed by my doctors and adapted to my conditions “.

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