Extractions From Cannabis Concentrates

EXTRACCION USO MEDICINALMarijuana concentrates are all the rage in the Yankee and Canadian cannabis culture, the result of good extractions is a pure substance that can be found in the flowers of cannabis.

Cannabis is medicine and mix it with tobacco to consume is an error, tobacco masks its full effect, flavor and texture, if we really want to enjoy all the features and benefits that gives us marijuana is necessary to know the different concentrates (Budder, Oil, Glass, Wax etc …) that exist today, and of course how to perform them. Continue reading

Consume Marijuana

The cannabis or marijuana is consumed increasingly more to alleviate ailments and treat different diseases, there is also a recreational use and in this case if we consume in moderation can provide interesting experiences, be more creative, reduce stress, and elating see everyday problems from another perspective. Continue reading

Responsible Consumption Of Cannabis

Cannabis can provide interesting experiences if it used in moderation. It produces euphoria, you canimages13 Consumo Responsable Del Cannabis lower tensions and see everyday problems from a different angle. You can also provide a special delight to our ideas and enhance sensory sensitivity and listening to music. So use cannabis to enjoy these pleasures is to use the plant, while consuming cannabis by the mere fact of intoxication is to be used by the plant. Continue reading