Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 from Piensa En Verde

In Piensa Verde we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous and green new year 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

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The cannabis culture and gourmet cuisine, a delicious revolution of consciousness

Cannabis has never left the kitchen, but today is entering the most exclusive of them. Here are some stories about how a small legislative step can mean extraordinary cultural contribution.

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Auto Dinafem: Variety XXL

Again Dinafem guys are a step forward in creating cannabis varieties of high quality and present their new line of feminized autoflowering varieties XXL.

For this they have created a sub called Autodinafem that will host all their automatic creations including the new line of very large and productive variety. The XXL.

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“If you are sick there is nothing better than cannabis”

Dina Browner, a pioneer of the medical marijuana movement, participates in the Third International Cannabis Social Forum, held in Irun under the Fair Expogrow.

I think cannabis prevents abuse of medicines in sick people,” says Dr. Dina.

Dina Browner

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How To Make A Joint To Be Less Harmful As Possible?

This page describes how consuming marijuana for a regular smoker (who also usually dispense with the filter in these cases), but strongly recommend using vaporizers to consume our flowers without putting our health at risk.

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How To make Wine With Cannabis Leaves And Branches

Hi, not sure if you know what to do with the trunk, branches and stuff that do not do much of our beloved plant, right? Well here are the recipe to make marijuana wine!

Only utensil you need a good bowl that fits all wine and a big pot to boil water. As are 30 liters of recipe you can go making rounds to fill the bowl with boiling water.

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