Pest and Fungi: Whitefly


Whitefly is called by its presence of two wings and white appearance, does not exceed 2 mm in length. The wings serve to move from one plant to another with relative ease. During the winter it is permanently on the undersides of the leaves. They are attracted by the yellow and light green. It feeds on young leaves and plant parts. The whitefly is very easy to spot, just move a little plant Grasp the stem, so fly away from it. They are very small and as its name suggests, white.

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Pest and Fungi: Red Spider


The red spider is a mite with four legs, an abdomen and head. Its size is approximately 0.5 mm and has a peculiar feature in its color, is light green with two black spots in the summer months and orange unblemished in autumn and winter.

In short, at different stages of development presents colorful distinct as white, beige, red-brown and green, depending also on the tree or plant you stay or time of year.

Underside of a leaf with red spider.
Underside of a leaf with red spider.

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