The best marijuana seeds with therapeutic effects

Today we will talk about marijuana plants with high medicinal value. These are the cannabis seeds which have best met the expectations of medicinal cannabis users.

  1. Afgan Kush x Black Domina (World of seeds), the marijuana plant preferred by growers with problems with insomnia.
  2. Northern Light Blue (Delicious Seeds), if you want to meditate and relax this is your plant. In high doses it has a sedative effect.
  3. Spiritual Punk (Samsara Seeds), very suitable for hyperactivity sufferers.
  4. Skunk # 1 (Sensi Seeds)the classic medicinal cannabis plant.
  5. Cream Caramel (Sweet seeds)… a godsend for problems with depression.

We hope you like the selection, and if you want to see more varieties, be sure to visit our catalogue of medicinal cannabis strains.

You can read the same post in Spanish (Las mejores semillas de marihuana con efecto terapéutico.) and French (Les meilleures graines de marijuana à effet thérapeutique).

The fastest autoflowering marijuana seeds 2

The fastest autoflowering marijuana seeds 2

We continue our selection of the fastest flowering autoflowering marijuana seeds. These cannabis plants have given very satisfactory results to the growers all over the world who have had a chance to enjoy them.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection. If you’ve grown another autoflowering variety which is not on our list, feel free to add it in the comments.

You can read the same post in Spanish (Las 10 semillas de marihuana autoflorecientes mas rápidas (parte 2)) and French (Graines de marijuana à autofloraison la plus rapide 2).