Female Sexual Lubricant Based On Marijuana Causes Furor In California

Female Sexual Lubricant

The market launch of “Foria” intimate lubricant for women, in addition to lubricate promises to increase sexual arousal, is becoming top in California.

The “Group Aphrodite” in California, has finally introduced to the market Foria, which already has, at least in Internet-with furious statements from satisfied users like: “Oh my God! I have had multiple orgasms for 15 minutes. That had never happened to me.”

The active component of intimate oil is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), considered the greatest of the elements that give marijuana its main features. It also has other cannabinoid products, all on a base of coconut oil. The product is available in two sizes spray, also promising some situations beyond the traditional use of lubricants. Continue reading

Scientists Disarm Criticism Of Anti-Marijuana Legalization

Scientists have shown that the main criticisms of the opposition to the legalization of medical marijuana in the United legalize-marijuanaStates are unfounded.

In one study, researchers at Emory University analyzed statistics and surveys of the 21 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized medical marijuana, to assess the impact of the legislation of cannabis.

Opponents of legalization Medical Marijuana in U.S. claim that the legislation increases cannabis use among minors and encourages people to try harder drugs. Continue reading

How Hashish Is Made

Hashish or cost is usually brown substance with a high concentration of THC and similar to the flowers of the female haschichcannabis plant composition. The best hashish in the world is produced in Morocco and usually has an egg shape. The Hashish is appreciated by many consumers of cannabis for its special flavor, smell and concentrated size, this makes it more discreet than the buds of marijuana.

To enjoy good quality hashish, unadulterated and homemade, before we have to make a resin extraction.

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Post Harvest Precautions For Caterpillars

orugasAfter harvest marijuana plants we hang head down plants for drying cannabis. Thus plants lose moisture and stop being a good hiding place for the caterpillars that may have survived the purge on hand.

These caterpillars leave the plant to run its course and be able to turn into butterflies so we can see just when the plants are dried, we can see the tracks sag Bud rappelling to the ground. Continue reading

How to protect your newly germinated seeds

The newly germinated seeds of cannabis are like candy for the animals that live among us. “How many times we have seen our little seeds disappear within days if any germinated due to birds, snails, etc..”

Well, here we show a simple and inexpensive way to avoid these mishaps. While avoiding these lovely but annoying animals and insects we also solve the frosts of April and May that while the first rays of sun make us think that we are entering summer can not fall into this error as these months bring as much sun as cold and rainy. Continue reading

Evolutionary Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation (B) On Power Psychoactive Of Cannabis

psychedelic-marijuana-leaf-1After reviewing the scientific literature about the psychoactive cannabis potency, the opinion of the author is that Ultraviolet radiation type (B) represent the single most important environmental factor in developing varieties with extreme narcotic characteristics. Ultraviolet radiation (B) (UV-B) are defined as a portion of the spectrum electromagnetic, between 280 and 315 nanometers. Continue reading

Stimulator Homemade Root Growth And Flowering

In times of crisis currently running …. any savings is always welcome, so let’s teach you to make your own homemade root stimulator, growth and bloom, at a ridiculous cost.

The trick of this preparation lies in auxin, a hormone that stimulate marijuana plant growth naturally. They are widely used in all types of agriculture, exhibited no toxicity and are 100% BIO.

Let us look Auxin they are and how they work (obtained from the wiki) : Continue reading

Purple Marijuana

The marijuana plants purple, violet or even coppery red are the most beautiful and the most eye-catching from panorama cannabic. Normally these peculiar colors appear in the flowering phase with seasonal temperature change, the higher the cold by nights the greater intensity of staining.
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