Regular Marijuana Seeds

masculinofemenino Semillas De Marihuana RegularesThese seeds are natural Cannabis Seeds, as they reproduce in naturely, humanity has been making use of this mythical plant since ancient times. Regular marijuana seeds are plants with a pure and original genetics, all varieties today have been derived from them.

By grow them, this cannabis plant may prove to be female or can be male, in this case you can use the ground as a stud to make our own crosses, but right there is its Achilles heel, if you’re not a professional grower and you work with these Cannabis Seeds, you can take a nasty surprise. If growing a male plant will soon become pollinate your crops and garden that so much effort and dedication has led you into a hermaphrodite plants growing to make it unusable… Continue reading

Sweetnutrients Organics

Sweet Seeds is a Valencian Company specializing in the sale of technical horticulture product and cannabis seeds and this time he surprises us with a line of organic fertilizers, Organics Sweetnutrients.

Their research department has developed a range of 100% organic fertilizer that will lead to the ultimate expression of the potential of cannabis plants. Continue reading

Fighting Miners In A Growing Cannabis

250px Phyllocnistis citrella adult1 Combatir Minadores En Un Cultivo De MarihuanaThe Phyllocnistis citrella is an insect known as miner, which attacks different types of crops, including marijuana.

The miners are small flies that do not usually measure more than 5 mm, they like to live inside the leaves and make galleries including killing all the leaves and stems entirely if not remediated. Continue reading