Cannabis: Preventive brain damage?

Marijuana is a recreational drug well known, but not that …; Besides extensive scientific research has been conducted on the therapeutic properties of marijuana in the past decade. Similarly, the findings of some patients and doctors on the improvement of symptoms associated to certain diseases, also tend to show that the medical cannabis is a valuable aid for people with chronic diseases, including cancer, as well on post-traumatic stress disorder, the fight against pain, insomnia, lack of appetite and other symptoms of varying severity and troublesome.

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How to use the stimulator Delta 9

How to use the stimulator Delta 9 full bloom and Resin Cannabis plant. Few growers unknow this fantastic product for our plants Marijuana, and those who do not know they should , since it is one of the best promoters of flowering for our plants and is 100% organic, also our plants only give fertilizer fully natural.

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Sweetnutrients Organics

Sweet Seeds is a Valencian Company specializing in the sale of technical horticulture product and cannabis seeds and this time he surprises us with a line of organic fertilizers, Organics Sweetnutrients.

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