Sensi Seeds Auto Flowering New Varieties

logo sensi seeds Sensi Seeds, Nuevas Variedades Auto FlorecientesFinally the Dutch seed bank delights us with feminized auto flowering strains and regular. The bank of world’s largest seeds Sensi Seeds until now had not gotten into the market of auto flowering cannabis seeds, but seeing the great demand in recent years these varieties and growing competition it is more heinous have decided to take the plunge. Continue reading

Y Griega, The Most Potent Cannabis Seed With More Thc

362 Y griega medical seeds cannabisgreenjpg Y Griega, La Plus Puissante Variété De CannabisThis time we’ll talk about an interesting topic that certainly it interests to experienced cannabis smokers who want to live a strong experience. Today you will know what is the most powerful variety of cannabis and therefore produces more buzz. Always has been associated the THC with level power plant cannabis, note that in the sixties the few varieties of marijuana that had, contained a percentage of 6% THC environment. Continue reading

Marijuana And The Elite Sport In Spain

images25 La Marihuana Y El Deporte De Elite En EspañaI have always believed that the prohibition of consuming marijuana elite athletes was silly and only served to ruin the promising career of some athletes. It seems clear understanding that cannabis does not improve physical performance but possibly other athlete welfare, plus we also have in mind the limited operation of the anti-doping agencies that lose significant efforts and resources to identify substances as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main substance psychoactive cannabis. Continue reading

Blueberry Variety Of Cannabis

Today we will discuss about one of the most famous and recognized genetics by growers worldwide, Blueberry.

This marijuana plant is a hybrid, 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and these main characteristics can appreciate their striking colors, especially in the flowering stage and exquisite taste of blueberry and red fruits. Continue reading

Size Of Pots In Cannabis Plant

To choose the size of the pots is important so that the growth and flowering of the marijuana plant is optimal, and we will depend the variety of marijuana, the growth time we give to the plant and technical culture we use.

But give some basic advice depending on whether you grow indoors, outside, or auto flowering feminized seeds. Continue reading

Regular Marijuana Seeds

masculinofemenino Semillas De Marihuana RegularesThese seeds are natural Cannabis Seeds, as they reproduce in naturely, humanity has been making use of this mythical plant since ancient times. Regular marijuana seeds are plants with a pure and original genetics, all varieties today have been derived from them.

By grow them, this cannabis plant may prove to be female or can be male, in this case you can use the ground as a stud to make our own crosses, but right there is its Achilles heel, if you’re not a professional grower and you work with these Cannabis Seeds, you can take a nasty surprise. If growing a male plant will soon become pollinate your crops and garden that so much effort and dedication has led you into a hermaphrodite plants growing to make it unusable… Continue reading

Sweetnutrients Organics

Sweet Seeds is a Valencian Company specializing in the sale of technical horticulture product and cannabis seeds and this time he surprises us with a line of organic fertilizers, Organics Sweetnutrients.

Their research department has developed a range of 100% organic fertilizer that will lead to the ultimate expression of the potential of cannabis plants. Continue reading

SECAPLUS, The Definitive Anti-Humidity

3182 secaplus antihumedad SECAPLUS, El Antihumedad DefinitivoThis desiccant is the most effective product to remove 100% sure moisture and bad odors in closets with clothes, cars, refrigerators or any other space that we wish maintain in perfect condition.

SecaPlus is an ecological product, approved by the EU union, and contrasted with the maximum guarantees for health. Consists of silica gel which can be in contact with drugs, food and of course is not harmful to children, plus this new product anti-humidity is able to absorb 40% of their weight, changing to a color purple almost black when it is ready to replace. Continue reading