Maintenance And Cleaning of Ph And Ec Meters

1115_medidor-ph-wassertech-piensaenverdeThis time I am going to give some of advices to the electrodes from your digital meter Ph and Ec are always maintained as the first day. The digital tester Ph and Ec are used in the self-cultivation of cannabis for its affordable price and its ease of use and reading.

Of course they are extraordinary allies for all good grower of marijuana. Perhaps the only downside we can put at this type of meter is its low durability, being necessary to change the electrodes or even the whole tester after a while. So we must keep a careful maintenance and thorough cleaning before use, and especially after. Continue reading

MK Ultra, One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indica

2472_MK-Ultra-TH-SeedsLet hypnotized by the MK Ultra!

During the ’50s, the CIA made numerous secret brainwashing experiments to try and alter mental functions. Among other things, seeking the “truth drug”, something that would compel people to tell what they knew. And for this, they turned to substances like LSD. This secret program was called MK Ultra.

And MK Ultra is also the name chosen for a variety of marijuana created by TH Seeds seed bank, whose effect is so hypnotic that looks like something out of one of these secret experiments.

Ready for a KO? The MK Ultra hits hard

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Hoax Through Internet: “Marlboro M” Marijuana Cigarettes

The fakes media dreams on the day the Philip Morris company, owner of the Marlboro brand, marketed in Colorado and Washington these green cylinders.

The story of cowboys known as Marlboro Man, could be different from before have legalized marijuana. Dying from smoking is much more common than we would like. Continue reading