Baby Boom Auto, New Seed Of Kannabia Seeds

kannabia-baby_boom_auto-1356Auto Baby Boom is the new auto plant marijuana of the Kannabia seeds bank. This genetic auto as the name suggests is a plant of medium / small size but powerful and easy to grow.

It is the result of crossing a ruderalis plant with a genetic Northern Lights x Blueberry obtaining a powerful plant, tasty and productive cannabis.

It is a strain of cannabis automatic low-medium size with strong growth from the beginning with few short internodal distances that make availability of many lateral branches on which subsequently will create long columns of buds. Continue reading

Frequent Problems Growing Cannabis

Cultivate strong and good quality cannabis is not only to plant a seed and let it grow by giving only water and soil in which cling. Cultivating cannabis needs more dedication.

The plant needs the best environment to develop its full potential and to harvest the maximum we can from a plant…

This frequent problems section will help us to know what can happen to our plants, so we can avoid it before it’s too late. Continue reading

The Government Of Spain Paralyzes Planting Cannabis In Rasquera

Growing cannabis to save the crisis.

The Administrative Court number 1 of Tarragona – Spain- has admitted the appeal filed by the State Bar and has provisionally suspended the project of planting cannabis in Rasquera, have informed sources of the Government Office.

ABCDAThe Government appealed against planting cannabis farm in a municipal Rasquera to supply a private entity, ABCDA, which is included in the anti-crisis plan of the session, approved by referendum on 10 April 2012 with 56% of the votes. Continue reading

ReCon From DNA Genetics, A Regular With Many Awards

DNA GENETICS-PiensaEnVerdeWe are facing a classic harvester awards, ReCon from DNA Genetics, it’s a regular strain that broke all aspects seeking self-growers. We are talking about a plant that produces huge buds full of trichomes and THC, and reminiscent of those powerful indica that permeate the atmosphere with a fruity odoor and a similar flavor. Brutally strong or powerful in its post-consumption (for experienced smokers). Continue reading

The French Federation of Cannabis Social Club Wants To End Prohibition

France -. Cannabis Social French Club as revealed by HuffPost , made the announcement that it had taken the formal decision on Sunday 03 February to end cannabis prohibition.

The French Federation of Cannabis Social Clubs (FCSCF) present status of association in the prefecture of Indre-et-Loire, on March 4. If on March 25, the government does not authorize, then the state will face a wave of official statements of cannabis social clubs throughout the province. Continue reading

Jock Horror Auto From Nirvana Seeds, A Delight

Auto Jock Horror is a very powerful strain as well as being terribly plagued with trichomes in any part of the plant. Sweet, sweet for its taste, from this wonderful variety of Nirvana Seeds you will notice its sativa power consumption, as soon as you try it “you will rise from the ground” quickly. Perfect for anyone looking for the push of the sativas. Highly recommended, but beware with novice consumers; this variety is more bearable for experienced users. Continue reading