Stimulator Homemade Root Growth And Flowering

In times of crisis currently running …. any savings is always welcome, so let’s teach you to make your own homemade root stimulator, growth and bloom, at a ridiculous cost.

The trick of this preparation lies in auxin, a hormone that stimulate marijuana plant growth naturally. They are widely used in all types of agriculture, exhibited no toxicity and are 100% BIO.

Let us look Auxin they are and how they work (obtained from the wiki) :

“Auxins are a group of plant hormones which function as plant growth regulators. Essentially cause cellauxinas en accion elongation. Are synthesized in the meristematic regions of the apex of the stems and move from there to other parts of the plant, especially towards the base, establishing a concentration gradient. This movement is performed through the parenchyma surrounding the vascular bundles.
The synthesis of auxin has been identified in various organisms such as higher plants, fungi, bacteria and algae, and are almost always associated with severe stages of growth.
The presence and importance of plant hormones was established by studies of auxin; on them is a broad and deep scientific information (much of what is other hormones), which has allowed to know more precisely how hormones work in plants. Along with the gibberellins and the cytokinins, auxins regulate multiple physiological processes in plants, although they are not the only compounds that capability.
Auxins are also used by farmers to accelerate the growth of plants, vegetables, etc.. “

Thus, preparation of home Auxin help us stimulate root development of our plants, their growth or if they are the flowering stage, the growth and development of our valued buds.


Develop a fertilizer rich in auxin is simple. We soak a few hundred grams of lentils or hemp. The next day the water is drained and rich in auxins and saved. We put lentils or hemp seeds between wet napkins until they lentejas germinandodevelop root about three inches; then cut the roots discarding the rest.

We crush and put them in water for a day in a dark place. After this time, drain them and mix the water with which had separated the day before; so get a few liters of water rich in auxins that we can mix with several gallons more to fertilize our entire culture.
Auxins are not only good for growth, they are also an excellent flowering stimulator.

Source: NotasDeHumo

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