Size Of Pots In Cannabis Plant

To choose the size of the pots is important so that the growth and flowering of the marijuana plant is optimal, and we will depend the variety of marijuana, the growth time we give to the plant and technical culture we use.

But give some basic advice depending on whether you grow indoors, outside, or auto flowering feminized seeds.

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In indoor growing, whether we grow cuttings, seeds feminized and auto-flowering we cannot let overgrow plants since we have the small and light must reach all parts of the crop space, so we recommend pot 4 liter for stage growth and 7-11 liters for the flowering stage.



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In outdoor growing things change a little, here we seek to grow our marijuana plants to get as much productivity as possible.

With auto-flowering varieties the perfect pot is 19 liters, needless to transplant, will be the final pot to harvest. The result tends to branch down very quickly so not worth going gradually increasing size.

With female varieties planted outdoors the thing gets a bit complicated because we will need various sizes to cover the whole growing process.

Pots of 0.25 liter to put the cuttings or germinated seeds in the vegetative or growth phase, we will transplant the seedlings into pots of 11 liters, finishing harvest (flowering stage) in 25-liter pots, just use pots 45 liters when we have large terraces.

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