Auto Whiteberry of Paradise Seeds, a small Dutch wonder

Auto Whiteberry

Paradise Seeds is a seed bank founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, since that time and even before, the famous producer of seeds studied to overcome the quality of its seeds by giving its a sweeter taste and a nice post-consumption.

The company is one of the Dutch pioneers in this area and as such, has been a force for the Netherlands is one of the most attractive places of quality cannabis.
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Paradise Seeds Presents Two New Varieties rich in CBD

Cannabis Seeds of Paradise Seeds are the finest qualities that we currently have on the market. Located in Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds presents its two new varieties rich in CBD: The CBD II Nebula and Durga Mata II CBD.

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Auto 4:20 From Biohazard Seeds, Autoflowering Variety To Be Considered

autoflowering-4-20-biohazard-seeds-piensaenverde.pngBioHazard Seeds is a modern seed bank specializing in the selection and preservation of new lines feminized and autoflowering cannabis high quality and appear on the market. 4:20 Auto is a clear example of that special selection of seeds.

Very productive variety for outdoor to be an autoflowering, in indoorr follows the same trail. Also, this variety is a great creator of huge compact buds and giving them a smell and sweet taste with hints of citrus. Easy to grow thanks to its natural defense against pests and invaders, Auto 4:20, is a wonderful plant for its looks and does not seem be an automatic or auto-flowering strain. Continue reading

MK Ultra, One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indica

2472_MK-Ultra-TH-SeedsLet hypnotized by the MK Ultra!

During the ’50s, the CIA made numerous secret brainwashing experiments to try and alter mental functions. Among other things, seeking the “truth drug”, something that would compel people to tell what they knew. And for this, they turned to substances like LSD. This secret program was called MK Ultra.

And MK Ultra is also the name chosen for a variety of marijuana created by TH Seeds seed bank, whose effect is so hypnotic that looks like something out of one of these secret experiments.

Ready for a KO? The MK Ultra hits hard

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Sensi Seeds Auto Flowering New Varieties

logo sensi seeds Sensi Seeds, Nuevas Variedades Auto FlorecientesFinally the Dutch seed bank delights us with feminized auto flowering strains and regular. The bank of world’s largest seeds Sensi Seeds until now had not gotten into the market of auto flowering cannabis seeds, but seeing the great demand in recent years these varieties and growing competition it is more heinous have decided to take the plunge. Continue reading

Y Griega, The Most Potent Cannabis Seed With More Thc

362 Y griega medical seeds cannabisgreenjpg Y Griega, La Plus Puissante Variété De CannabisThis time we’ll talk about an interesting topic that certainly it interests to experienced cannabis smokers who want to live a strong experience. Today you will know what is the most powerful variety of cannabis and therefore produces more buzz. Always has been associated the THC with level power plant cannabis, note that in the sixties the few varieties of marijuana that had, contained a percentage of 6% THC environment. Continue reading

Blueberry Variety Of Cannabis

Today we will discuss about one of the most famous and recognized genetics by growers worldwide, Blueberry.

This marijuana plant is a hybrid, 80% Indica and 20% Sativa and these main characteristics can appreciate their striking colors, especially in the flowering stage and exquisite taste of blueberry and red fruits. Continue reading

TH Seeds

T.H.Sedds is a dutch seed bank with 20 years of history. Its main office is situated in Amsterdam, where it was be the first hemp shop open in Europe.

It is one of the cannabis seed bank with more rewarded and recognized varieties, for example the original seeds of Bubblegum are made by they. Also other varieties as Burmese Kush, a mixed of O.G Kush of fast flowering (7 weeks), S.A.G.E., A-Train, a variety cloned only by the medic community of the east coast, recognized for its excellent quality and its fresh taste, Kushage, an a autoflowering variety  with a excellent performance, MK-Ultra, Winner of the Hight Times Indica Cup in 2003 and second in the 2004 edition,  Heavy Duty Fruty, Chocolate Chunk and more recently other, Darkstar y Cold Creek Kush.

Piensa en verde distributes this fantastic bank because in its catalog have the best genetic in the world, stabilize and very tested varieties, stressing by flavor and potency of every one of its marijuana plants.
Love and Peace!!