Post Harvest Precautions For Caterpillars

After harvest marijuana plants we hang head down plants for drying cannabis. Thus plants lose moisture and stop being a good hiding place for the caterpillars that may have survived the purge on hand. These caterpillars leave the plant to run its course and be able to turn into butterflies  Read more »

The dangers of the fungus Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus endoparasitic type, since it affects the internal organs of plants. Its spores germinate and are inserted into the tissues, since natural openings, the stomata and certain wounds act as gateways. In the case of cannabis, it is common to get infected by air. In some  Read more »

Frequent Problems Growing Cannabis

Cultivate strong and good quality cannabis is not only to plant a seed and let it grow by giving only water and soil in which cling. Cultivating cannabis needs more dedication. The plant needs the best environment to develop its full potential and to harvest the maximum we can from  Read more »

Growing Skunk # 1 Outdoor

Here you have something that can help in planning outdoor crops using as a model the Skunk # 1 variety grown near the 35th parallel. Indoors the skunk is a variety of flowering 60 days, began to flourish outdoors in early July, for August first was already quite developed and  Read more »

ReCon From DNA Genetics, A Regular With Many Awards

We are facing a classic harvester awards, ReCon from DNA Genetics, it’s a regular strain that broke all aspects seeking self-growers. We are talking about a plant that produces huge buds full of trichomes and THC, and reminiscent of those powerful indica that permeate the atmosphere with a fruity odoor  Read more »

SCROG (Screen Of Green) vs SOG (Sea Of Green)

You’ve probably read some articles about how to grow marijuana with the method SCROG (Screen Of Green), or the SOG method (Sea Of Green). Today I will ask from another point of view, what is the method that interests me and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of each  Read more »