SCROG (Screen Of Green) vs SOG (Sea Of Green)

You’ve probably read some articles about how to grow marijuana with the method SCROG (Screen Of Green), or the SOG method (Sea Of Green). Today I will ask from another point of view, what is the method that interests me and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of each  Read more »

MK Ultra, One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indica

Let hypnotized by the MK Ultra! During the ’50s, the CIA made numerous secret brainwashing experiments to try and alter mental functions. Among other things, seeking the “truth drug”, something that would compel people to tell what they knew. And for this, they turned to substances like LSD. This secret  Read more »

A student is fighting to be able to consume medicinal marijuana at university

This Canadian student, suffering from a serious genetic disease, was prescribed medicinal marijuana to ease his pain. But the university refuses to let him attend classes under the influence of drugs. Photo: A student from Saskatchewan filed a complaint in court because her school wants to forbid him to smoke  Read more »

Cannabis would improve the visual sensitivity!

Cannabinoids may slow vision loss associated with degenerative diseases of the back of the eye, whether hereditary or age-related. They might even give eyesight! These are chemical molecules that activate receptors with affinity to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the active components of cannabis.

Marijuana, 100 times less dangerous than alcohol and snuff according to a new study

The legalization of marijuana use in America more broadly currently has a new study in Nature that supports it. On the same has been found that moderate consumption of marijuana is more than 100 times less dangerous toxicity level than that of alcohol, cocaine or snuff.