Cannabis would improve the visual sensitivity!

Cannabinoids may slow vision loss associated with degenerative diseases of the back of the eye, whether hereditary or age-related. They might even give eyesight! These are chemical molecules that activate receptors with affinity to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the active components of cannabis.

Marijuana, 100 times less dangerous than alcohol and snuff according to a new study

The legalization of marijuana use in America more broadly currently has a new study in Nature that supports it. On the same has been found that moderate consumption of marijuana is more than 100 times less dangerous toxicity level than that of alcohol, cocaine or snuff.

Testimonies collected about Medical Marijuana

“I wish I could get my cannabis in pharmacies” Until then, it was unthinkable, or defying the law. But since June 8, France allows the National Security Agency of Medicines authorized health products based on cannabis. It goes on to consider marketing applications laboratories. Already, some patients for whom drugs  Read more »

Cannabis: Preventive brain damage?

Marijuana is a recreational drug well known, but not that …; Besides extensive scientific research has been conducted on the therapeutic properties of marijuana in the past decade. Similarly, the findings of some patients and doctors on the improvement of symptoms associated to certain diseases, also tend to show that  Read more »

How to use the stimulator Delta 9

How to use the stimulator Delta 9 full bloom and Resin Cannabis plant. Few growers unknow this fantastic product for our plants Marijuana, and those who do not know they should , since it is one of the best promoters of flowering for our plants and is 100% organic, also  Read more »

Survey says women would have greater tolerance to marijuana than men

Over time several studies have shown that marijuana has different effects on men and women, according to a recent study by the University of Washington, would be women who could develop a higher tolerance to the drug, that the male persons.

Epilepsy: Cannabis Against Crisis

The therapeutic potential of cannabis and in particular one of its major cannabinoid, cannabidiol, in neurological diseases is discussed. A series of studies published in Epilepsia, the journal of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE), examines the therapeutic potential of cannabis for medical use and cannabidiol in severe forms of  Read more »

Female Sexual Lubricant Based On Marijuana Causes Furor In California

The market launch of “Foria” intimate lubricant for women, in addition to lubricate promises to increase sexual arousal, is becoming top in California. The “Group Aphrodite” in California, has finally introduced to the market Foria, which already has, at least in Internet-with furious statements from satisfied users like: “Oh my  Read more »