The dangers of the fungus Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea is a fungus endoparasitic type, since it affects the internal organs of plants. Its spores germinate and are inserted into the tissues, since natural openings, the stomata and certain wounds act as gateways. In the case of cannabis, it is common to get infected by air. In some  Read more »

How to use the stimulator Delta 9

How to use the stimulator Delta 9 full bloom and Resin Cannabis plant. Few growers unknow this fantastic product for our plants Marijuana, and those who do not know they should , since it is one of the best promoters of flowering for our plants and is 100% organic, also  Read more »

Stimulator Homemade Root Growth And Flowering

In times of crisis currently running …. any savings is always welcome, so let’s teach you to make your own homemade root stimulator, growth and bloom, at a ridiculous cost. The trick of this preparation lies in auxin, a hormone that stimulate marijuana plant growth naturally. They are widely used  Read more »

How To Measure pH Of The Soil

Today we will explain the process to measure the pH of our soil, using our meters to measure the pH of liquids. Components required to measure pH soil:  Substrate that we will measure (if it comes from a pot is best picked up from various areas and depths).  Distilled water.  Read more »

Make Your Own Substrate For Growing Cannabis

We know that cannabis can consume large amounts of fertilizer during development. Most substrates of the market, even those that are fertilized, do not contain all the necessary nutrients for our plants. If you want a spectacular flowering growth we recommend you make your own soil mix, is very easy  Read more »

Baby Boom Auto, New Seed Of Kannabia Seeds

Auto Baby Boom is the new auto plant marijuana of the Kannabia seeds bank. This genetic auto as the name suggests is a plant of medium / small size but powerful and easy to grow. It is the result of crossing a ruderalis plant with a genetic Northern Lights x  Read more »