Cannabis was rated best treatment against fibromyalgia

It was discovered during a recent survey that cannabis was the most effective treatment against fibromyalgia, with an efficiency exceeding all existing drugs. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that s chronic fatigue accompanying deep muscle pain, migraines and depression. Although patients with this disorder have a choice of three drugs, the  Read more »

Cannabis Seeds Provide More Benefits Than Omega-3

The Medicinal Plant Research Group, University of Seville, led by Professor of Pharmacology Dolores García, has found that “the oil from hemp seed has potentially beneficial components to the body,” according to the Jano platform. The study, which was published in latest issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  Read more »

MK Ultra, One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indica

Let hypnotized by the MK Ultra! During the ’50s, the CIA made numerous secret brainwashing experiments to try and alter mental functions. Among other things, seeking the “truth drug”, something that would compel people to tell what they knew. And for this, they turned to substances like LSD. This secret  Read more »

The best marijuana seeds with therapeutic effects

Today we will talk about marijuana plants with high medicinal value. These are the cannabis seeds which have best met the expectations of medicinal cannabis users. Afgan Kush x Black Domina (World of seeds), the marijuana plant preferred by growers with problems with insomnia. Northern Light Blue (Delicious Seeds), if  Read more »