Auto 4:20 From Biohazard Seeds, Autoflowering Variety To Be Considered

BioHazard Seeds is a modern seed bank specializing in the selection and preservation of new lines feminized and autoflowering cannabis high quality and appear on the market. 4:20 Auto is a clear example of that special selection of seeds. Very productive variety for outdoor to be an autoflowering, in indoorr  Read more »

The fastest autoflowering marijuana seeds 2

We continue our selection of the fastest flowering autoflowering marijuana seeds. These cannabis plants have given very satisfactory results to the growers all over the world who have had a chance to enjoy them. Automazar (Dutch Passion): High production and fairly strong effect. Auto skunk Mass (Advanced Seeds): High production and  Read more »

Marijuana Seeds Bulk: What are they?

The cannabis seeds are now a product in high demand for cannabis users, who increasingly seek to be self-sufficient as far as possible by growing their own marijuana plants and thus avoiding the black market. In addition of the savings grow your own plants, we can save more if we  Read more »

Auto Whiteberry of Paradise Seeds, a small Dutch wonder

Paradise Seeds is a seed bank founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, since that time and even before, the famous producer of seeds studied to overcome the quality of its seeds by giving its a sweeter taste and a nice post-consumption. The company is one of the Dutch pioneers in this  Read more »