Recipe of marijuana chocolate

Easy recipe for making chocolate pot with simple steps and 100% checked.



  • Chocolate to meltimages (11)
  • Cannabis chopped
  • Butter

The relationship between chocolate used and marihana varies depending on the amount used fence, but approximately 7 grams of marijuana average rate was used to melt chocolate.

  1. The chocolate is bath for 7 minutes over low heat, if the chocolate is the right (special to melt) will take between 5-8 minutes.
  2. When the chocolate is almost completely liquid, marijuana chopped is added with a tablespoon of Butter and mix slowly taking the slow fire burning for less than 10 minutes because if left too long, THC escape as gas up a homogeneous blend is obtained.
  3. With the list mixture into the closer to the recommended point, it can be served in small containers, chocolate molds or any dish from the kitchen, and finally gets into the freezer if it’s for a short time or refrigerator for a slower process.

preparing chocolate tartufo

After 3 hours (if it was in the freezer) only have to enjoy some delicious chocolates, the effect can take to show up 40 minutes to an hour, and its effect can last more than 3 hours depending on the person, because not in every equals consumers.

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