Post Harvest Precautions For Caterpillars

orugasAfter harvest marijuana plants we hang head down plants for drying cannabis. Thus plants lose moisture and stop being a good hiding place for the caterpillars that may have survived the purge on hand.

These caterpillars leave the plant to run its course and be able to turn into butterflies so we can see just when the plants are dried, we can see the tracks sag Bud rappelling to the ground.


Once they get down these quickly seek other support to be able to feed and continue its vital process, it is important to recover these caterpillars to prevent fill our house cocoon and then butterfly, as embedded in the most unlikely places and generally difficult to access.

Macro caterpillar devouring a bud

Recommendations for a culture without caterpillars:187_organik-neem-piensaenverde

-Spot the butterflies settled in plants.
-Look for eggs on the leaves.
-During flowering buds seeking control signs bites.
-When applying action detection compatible with caterpillars.
-Stop applying product within the last 15 days .
-Check plants and buds after harvest and remove the infected parts or bites.
-Pickup caterpillars born in case you can not apply the product.

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