Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 from Piensa En Verde

In Piensa Verde we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous and green new year 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015

We are happy to have shared one more year of work and information and activist for our friend plant cannabis. It seems that little by little, we come to get our rights as smokers and growers. Continue reading

Baby Boom Auto, New Seed Of Kannabia Seeds

kannabia-baby_boom_auto-1356Auto Baby Boom is the new auto plant marijuana of the Kannabia seeds bank. This genetic auto as the name suggests is a plant of medium / small size but powerful and easy to grow.

It is the result of crossing a ruderalis plant with a genetic Northern Lights x Blueberry obtaining a powerful plant, tasty and productive cannabis.

It is a strain of cannabis automatic low-medium size with strong growth from the beginning with few short internodal distances that make availability of many lateral branches on which subsequently will create long columns of buds. Continue reading

Consume Marijuana

The cannabis or marijuana is consumed increasingly more to alleviate ailments and treat different diseases, there is also a recreational use and in this case if we consume in moderation can provide interesting experiences, be more creative, reduce stress, and elating see everyday problems from another perspective. Continue reading

Piensa En Verde Wishes You A Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

 Piensa En Verde  Te Desea Feliz Navidad In Piensa En Verde Verde wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers and followers.

For this new year, we will continue to inform you about new varieties of marijuana on the policy reform of marijuana in the world, on the progress and findings about medical marijuana, methods of cultivation, advice for the different phases of cultivation … Continue reading

SECAPLUS, The Definitive Anti-Humidity

3182 secaplus antihumedad SECAPLUS, El Antihumedad DefinitivoThis desiccant is the most effective product to remove 100% sure moisture and bad odors in closets with clothes, cars, refrigerators or any other space that we wish maintain in perfect condition.

SecaPlus is an ecological product, approved by the EU union, and contrasted with the maximum guarantees for health. Consists of silica gel which can be in contact with drugs, food and of course is not harmful to children, plus this new product anti-humidity is able to absorb 40% of their weight, changing to a color purple almost black when it is ready to replace. Continue reading