I overcame epilepsy and depression using cannabis

Here a testimony about Epilepsy and depression.


While it’s true every person is a world, and the effects are different. We always recommend consulting a doctor before consuming, to analyze many things that are relevant to the time to start the consumption for therapeutic purposes. But it is also true that the testimony will help us to fit our reality in the best way possible and see a little bit more hope.

We leave you with Claudia to be she herself who tell us her revealing testimony.

Hello, my name is Claudia Farias Henriquez, I am Chilean, I have 21 years and I wish to give my testimony.

When I was 15, I had a depression, at first I did not give the importance it deserved but the thing was to high. The constant stress and emotional imbalance problems were increasing to the point of beginning to suffer fainting every time I felt outweighed the problems. I suffered these episodes anywhere and situation which triggered me long hours of sleep that often ended in loss of consciousness, loss of sense of time among others.Temporal-Lobe-Epilepsy

The most important was an episode I had in which I fainted, I lost control of sphincter and the body in general, I ended up in emergency and after several tests found that my problem was epilepsy of left temporal lobe. That’s when I started be evaluated and treated in the Chilean league epilepsy. I controlled with carbamazepine .

Were simply horrible times, still not finished college and truth doped walked all day, I was not able to walk alone.

Three pills a day was my dose, made me sleep anywhere, I was a zombie. My life was slowly fading in. There was so much pressure and anxiety that I started suicidal wishes and as I realized the effect they had these pills in a fit of shame, I take all that and I caught and I intoxicated me.

I ended up hospitalized with depression found by a psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist.

Despite strong treatment, uncontrolled fainting continued followed by long sleep episodes, I just could not go alone for a normal life.

He had one year treatment with carbamazepine controlled dose delivered to me at the time I should take to prevent further slippage.

She was tired of the medication and having to take them, for the purpose I had, was when I decided to live without medication. I continued my therapy psychologist, abandoned the use of antidepressants and carbamazepine and decided to live up to what I wanted.

Marijuana use began when I was 18 years old, once a week was enough for me, I began to research the benefits and consequences, dosage and all information that was about it.

My consumption was private, the truth was a taboo subject, I was ashamed to do in public, because socially it was “bad”, I knew my family ever tolerate something, I was a law student, and as informing me that I passed all the background, I changed my course of student and life, I gave up my career and decided to study agronomy.


It’s been three years since I decided to stop taking medications and take the course of my life, I consume marijuana three times a week, never again had an episode of disconnection. I wear a normal life, I moved the capital to a rural region and today I work in the field and I am a completely a happy person.

Every day I wonder what would happen with my life if I had kept hanging about drugs that made me dependent on both the pads and my family.
plantacion-marihuana-chicaA few months ago I decided to make it completely public. I do not mind the social stigma and prejudice, I know the change that took my life because of this beautiful plant.
Million people are living hiding as I did before and the truth today I feel a completely different person, behind me I have tattooed proudly a chemical symbol tetrahydrocannabinol that betrays my devotion front as discussed plant and every time someone asks me that it means, simply answer my freedom.

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