Oil Neem protects your cannabis plants

Today I want to talk about this miracle oil, a staple in our medicine cabinet growing marijuana plants (and also a basic in general in the home)

It is the star product we recommend preventively.

  • To ward off ants, insects and other vermin.
  • To clean leaves when you see something strange
  • And many more …
  • Besides being a very economical product.

187_organik-neem-piensaenverdeNeem oil is a natural insecticide that is obtained from the extract from the seeds of Azadirachta indica, commonly called nim in Latin America, margosa or Indian lilac, is a tree belonging to the native Meliaceae family in India and Burma, which lives only in tropical and subtropical regions. Since centuries the inhabitants of these areas pounded the plant and rubbed on the body to avoid being bitten. (Now imagine what it can do for the plant)

Neem oil is bitter and this causes insects are kept away from it.

Forms to use in our cannabis plants:

  • In spray for treating the leaves.
  • Irrigation as well plants are absorbing it and have preventive effects, for this you must dilute it more than if you apply it by spraying because roots absorb it directly and it acts as an insecticide systematic, that is entering to the system plant to work on together and may be beneficial and preventive in the plant. If you apply it in irrigation is enough if you do it every 3-4 weeks.268644_124249724385361_917135533_n

One of the biggest advantages of neem oil is that it is not harmful to beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs or earthworms and neither it harms us or our pets.

We always recommend applying at our plants, natural insecticides but they can not do miracles. If you have plants in a space conditions (humidity, temperature, other plants) favorable for the pest is installed, it will.

So if you have an infestation of these Bible, you will have to resort to strong chemical insecticide and even if you do not want to miss the harvest but is always in time to prevent.

Get your neem oil HERE.

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