Oil From The Cannabis Plant Is Highly Beneficial For Health

The plant cannabis sativa, which psychotropic substances such as marijuana and hashish are obtained, is used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes, in addition to the usual recreational purposes.

However, its medicinal delta-9-thcproperties are still challenged by the social and political debate that arise, although palliative effects of cannabinoids have been tested and have actually boosted its legalization in some countries.

According to a new study, hemp oil present in the plant, which contains the cannabinoid THC and therefore no narcotic effects, it is highly beneficial to the body because it contains omega-3 and omega-6.

The Medicinal Plant Research Group from University of Seville analyzed the effects of hemp oil consumption omega3-sourcesthrough an experimental model of fibromyalgia in mice. The diet based on the food decreased pain sensitivity, improved the inflammatory component and reversed many other symptoms in sick animals.


The scientists found that the fat obtained from the seeds of the plant contained many healthy components, including fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, two biomolecules that are more beneficial properly combined the exclusive supply of omega-3 through bluefish.

Indeed, previous research has warned of the damage of a diet with an imbalance in the amounts of omega-3 and fats_chart-smallomega-6, the latter being generally consume ton excess to be ever more present in precooked foods.

Hemp oil provides both a proportionate amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it beneficial to cardiovascular and brain, in addition to regulating cholesterol metabolism and inhibit platelet aggregation by the action of its minor components.


Therefore, the experts concluded that the oil from the cannabis plant has good organoleptic characteristics, which are especially noticeable if you consume it without heating.

Source: MuyInteresante

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