MK Ultra, One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indica

2472_MK-Ultra-TH-SeedsLet hypnotized by the MK Ultra!

During the ’50s, the CIA made numerous secret brainwashing experiments to try and alter mental functions. Among other things, seeking the “truth drug”, something that would compel people to tell what they knew. And for this, they turned to substances like LSD. This secret program was called MK Ultra.

And MK Ultra is also the name chosen for a variety of marijuana created by TH Seeds seed bank, whose effect is so hypnotic that looks like something out of one of these secret experiments.

Ready for a KO? The MK Ultra hits hard

This variety is very, and I repeat, very-powerful. Its psychoactive properties make it stand out from the others. Despite being a mostly Indica variety, the effect is both physical and cerebral.

Above all is hypnotic, and conveys a sense of wellbeing that is usually combined with euphoria. It is ideal to relax and fall sleep, but try not to work or perform complex tasks under its effects. You cannot!weedworld_p3

The only downside is that the MK Ultra long dry mouth and eyes. Better have a drink and a few drops on hand.

Medicinal Properties

Levels of THC in the plant are particularly high, and the effect is immediate. This feature is especially appreciated by patients who use it to relieve pain.

The MK Ultra is also suitable for treating symptoms of stress and insomnia, and nausea or even depression. Its therapeutic potential is such that it can also help in cases of anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, premenstrual syndrome and anorexia.

Appearance of the buds and growing data

Soil, hydro, interior or exterior, the MK Ultra adapts to all environments. Due to its versatility, resists well in all climates, media and substrates.

One advantage of this choice is that it does not grow too high. Usually just over the meter. To make the most of it is best to make an apical pruning and cultivated in a Sea of Green (SoG). It also has a short flowering period, between 7 and 8 weeks.

The crop is relatively abundant and when you pick up, we have small but compact and hard buds. As soon touch them, you will be well by the sticky fingers consistent resin layer having.


The smell betrays it

The smell of MK Ultra is very difficult to conceal. Its pungent aroma smells a little land, coniferous and skunk. It sucks enough, so you have to take extra precautions especially if you grow in the city.

Genetics of MK Ultra

101_mk-ultra-feminizada-th-seeds-Piensa en Verde



The MK Ultra carries in the blood genetics of the mythical G-13 and recognized OG Kush.

In 2003 won the first prize in the category of HTCC Indic, and the following year remained among the best second place. In addition, in 2005, High Times selected it as one of the best varieties of the year.




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