Marijuana plant leaves look bad

Marijuana plant leaves look bad

It might be due to an excess or a lack of salts, but sometimes we have problems with our beloved cannabis crop, and we need to adjust the amount of nutrients and fertilisers we give our marijuana plants.

In this post we will try to solve some of the questions which come up when the leaves of our marijuana plants look strange or even sick.
To keep your plants healthy, it’s best to feed them with fertilisers (preferably organic), control the ph of the water and earth, and of course, watch the concentration of salts to make sure there are no conflicts among the different minerals we provide for our plants.
When you’re not sure if your plants look bad because of too much salt or not enough plant food, the safest and most recommended treatment is to flush plenty of water through the earth to wash it. The washed earth is back to zero, i.e., it has no nutrients. The right fertiliser will correct the nutrient balance. You’ll see the plant improve in a couple of days.

You can read the same post in Spanish (Mal aspecto de las hojas de la planta de marihuana?) and French (Les feuilles ont l’air malade).

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