Marijuana, a plant which is also called Maria

According to the new edition of the dictionary of the Royal Academy of “Spanish” language and in its latest edition, marijuana has another official way to be able to call the “Maria“.


Cannabis-Anti-CancerThat marijuana is a “Holy Herb” already knew some, but one of the most spoken languages in the world, Spanish, granted that category from now, is already a reality. Simply accepts and describes the name of Maria as another name for marijuana.

Cannabis is a plant that is lately known killer of cancer cells, these, only thing they want is to do evil to humans and we just want to go away from the body as soon as possible.

In other diseases like AIDS, marijuana is also a great ally to make life more bearable for these patients. For all people, pain is the most widespread form of suffering, the maria is ready to dispel some of this pest that attacks humans.

The plant is also acclaimed and revered for ecology, it is a perfect replacement for countless products that highly contaminated and are part of our daily lives. Besides its cultivation is perfect for cleaning the land where nuclear accidents have not left anything healthy. No need for cultivation using any pesticides or substance abuse and pollute the environment.


The maria is also perfect for food, oils extracted from its seeds have the perfect composition of omega 3 and 6, which are so healthy for our body, especially the heart which accepts and thanks you. The feed providing this “holy plant” for feeding animals is also perfect for this practice, being organic, healthy and cheap.


Other uses extended

Hemp, another Cannabis denomination, is a manufacturer of fibers used for thousands of years by man and to create fabrics and garments, transmitting knowledge through the use of its role or helping it in its adventures as was the discovery of the Americas -the sails of the ships of Christopher Columbus were of Cannabis.


And we could expand in many pages talking about this holy plant that all it has done since its discovery, since thousands of years, is to help the human being its partner in the adventure of life. Food, energy, clothing, raw material for endless things and all that provided by the wisdom of nature created by …

So a few weeks ago when the last revision or Castilian Spanish dictionary the wise men of letters announced us, thatimages from now on, will be well said and written to call marijuana “Maria”, not that I saw it well, I do not know as hitherto had not yet made that so holy decision.

In my opinion marijuana, of course is Maria, but Maria The Good, that at any moment can help with the cold giving warmth, giving you eat, your heart always want to be with it, will not pollute being the green flag, will make you levitate, you will not kill you, will fight your sorrow, will feed the animals and fight your worst nightmare called cancer … and now you call it Maria?

By God, she is Maria, the mother of all plants.


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