Marijuana, 100 times less dangerous than alcohol and snuff according to a new study

The legalization of marijuana use in America more broadly currently has a new study in Nature that supports it. On the same has been found that moderate consumption of marijuana is more than 100 times less dangerous toxicity level than that of alcohol, cocaine or snuff.


It’s study has been picked up by the Washington Post, and emphasizes that, if the authorities really want to counter the negative health effects of soft drugs, marijuana should not be the priority, but alcohol first followed the snuff .

Marijuana, much less toxic than previously thought

The findings are not entirely surprising. In previous research, namely 10 years, and had seen the toxicity associated with marijuana was not of the highest, and was even lower than those of other legal soft drugs.


This time the methodology has been different but similar conclusions: marijuana has proven to be the least toxicity occurs when you consider moderate consumption relative to the maximum dose causing death. This means that all drugs tested in the study, the margin of safety or toxicity (ratio between the active dose and the lethal dose) of marijuana was the largest by far.

In the case of marijuana, its margin of security at the individual level has proved over 1000, while alcohol, nicotine, heroin or heroin is in the area of ​​greatest risk with a smaller margin to 10. So you can put this risk, the toxicity of aspirin is 1/30.


That the safety margin of marijuana is much broader than alcohol does not mean it is not a harmful substance . The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a powerful psychoactive that consume affects brain receptors CB1 and CB2 many brain structures, with a series of neurophysiological effects that depend on the amount ingested and frequency.

This study joins another recent of the same publication, Nature, giving clear details of why hunger associated with marijuana use. In that case, as has been shown in mice, the active ingredients in marijuana reversed operation of inhibitors of hunger, and instead of turning them off as intended, the POMCs were more active after consumption of cannabis.

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