Auto Dinafem: Variety XXL

Again Dinafem guys are a step forward in creating cannabis varieties of high quality and present their new line of feminized autoflowering varieties XXL.

For this they have created a sub called Autodinafem that will host all their automatic creations including the new line of very large and productive variety. The XXL.

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Auto Whiteberry of Paradise Seeds, a small Dutch wonder

Auto Whiteberry

Paradise Seeds is a seed bank founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, since that time and even before, the famous producer of seeds studied to overcome the quality of its seeds by giving its a sweeter taste and a nice post-consumption.

The company is one of the Dutch pioneers in this area and as such, has been a force for the Netherlands is one of the most attractive places of quality cannabis.
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How To Make A Joint To Be Less Harmful As Possible?

This page describes how consuming marijuana for a regular smoker (who also usually dispense with the filter in these cases), but strongly recommend using vaporizers to consume our flowers without putting our health at risk.

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How To make Wine With Cannabis Leaves And Branches

Hi, not sure if you know what to do with the trunk, branches and stuff that do not do much of our beloved plant, right? Well here are the recipe to make marijuana wine!

Only utensil you need a good bowl that fits all wine and a big pot to boil water. As are 30 liters of recipe you can go making rounds to fill the bowl with boiling water.

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Epilepsy: Cannabis Against Crisis

The therapeutic potential of cannabis and in particular one of its major cannabinoid, cannabidiol, in neurological diseases is discussed. A series of studies published in Epilepsia, the journal of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE), examines the therapeutic potential of cannabis for medical use and cannabidiol in severe forms of epilepsy. The first data is fairly good.
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Female Sexual Lubricant Based On Marijuana Causes Furor In California

Female Sexual Lubricant

The market launch of “Foria” intimate lubricant for women, in addition to lubricate promises to increase sexual arousal, is becoming top in California.

The “Group Aphrodite” in California, has finally introduced to the market Foria, which already has, at least in Internet-with furious statements from satisfied users like: “Oh my God! I have had multiple orgasms for 15 minutes. That had never happened to me.”

The active component of intimate oil is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), considered the greatest of the elements that give marijuana its main features. It also has other cannabinoid products, all on a base of coconut oil. The product is available in two sizes spray, also promising some situations beyond the traditional use of lubricants. Continue reading

How Hashish Is Made

Hashish or cost is usually brown substance with a high concentration of THC and similar to the flowers of the female haschichcannabis plant composition. The best hashish in the world is produced in Morocco and usually has an egg shape. The Hashish is appreciated by many consumers of cannabis for its special flavor, smell and concentrated size, this makes it more discreet than the buds of marijuana.

To enjoy good quality hashish, unadulterated and homemade, before we have to make a resin extraction.

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In France, A Consumer Of Therapeutic Cannabis Testifies

My name is Philippe, I am 43 years old. In March 2011, I learned that I had a brain tumor grade II.

tumor_cerebral therapeutic cannabisThis tumor produces epileptic attacks, memory loss, speech problems, tremors and loss of orientation.

I spent most of my time locked not do much and somewhat depressed, the more I saw that my family feel guilty for not being able to do anything to improve my situation.

The neurosurgeon said he can not operate me because the tumor is in the functional parts. If he operates me, I’ll be paralyzed. Continue reading

Evolutionary Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation (B) On Power Psychoactive Of Cannabis

psychedelic-marijuana-leaf-1After reviewing the scientific literature about the psychoactive cannabis potency, the opinion of the author is that Ultraviolet radiation type (B) represent the single most important environmental factor in developing varieties with extreme narcotic characteristics. Ultraviolet radiation (B) (UV-B) are defined as a portion of the spectrum electromagnetic, between 280 and 315 nanometers. Continue reading