A student is fighting to be able to consume medicinal marijuana at university

This Canadian student, suffering from a serious genetic disease, was prescribed medicinal marijuana to ease his pain. But the university refuses to let him attend classes under the influence of drugs.


Photo: A student from Saskatchewan filed a complaint in court because her school wants to forbid him to smoke medicinal cannabis near the property and attend his courses under the effect of this drug. This is the first case of its kind in Canada, according lawyers. Continue reading

Cannabis and driving 30 times less dangerous than drinking and driving

Opponents of legalization of cannabis will have to find another argument that road safety to defend the prohibition of cannabis. A scientific study unnoticed or ignored published in June completely undermines their thesis. Just read the title to understand.

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The cannabis culture and gourmet cuisine, a delicious revolution of consciousness

Cannabis has never left the kitchen, but today is entering the most exclusive of them. Here are some stories about how a small legislative step can mean extraordinary cultural contribution.

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Survey says women would have greater tolerance to marijuana than men

Over time several studies have shown that marijuana has different effects on men and women, according to a recent study by the University of Washington, would be women who could develop a higher tolerance to the drug, that the male persons.

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“If you are sick there is nothing better than cannabis”

Dina Browner, a pioneer of the medical marijuana movement, participates in the Third International Cannabis Social Forum, held in Irun under the Fair Expogrow.

I think cannabis prevents abuse of medicines in sick people,” says Dr. Dina.

Dina Browner

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Female Sexual Lubricant Based On Marijuana Causes Furor In California

Female Sexual Lubricant

The market launch of “Foria” intimate lubricant for women, in addition to lubricate promises to increase sexual arousal, is becoming top in California.

The “Group Aphrodite” in California, has finally introduced to the market Foria, which already has, at least in Internet-with furious statements from satisfied users like: “Oh my God! I have had multiple orgasms for 15 minutes. That had never happened to me.”

The active component of intimate oil is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), considered the greatest of the elements that give marijuana its main features. It also has other cannabinoid products, all on a base of coconut oil. The product is available in two sizes spray, also promising some situations beyond the traditional use of lubricants. Continue reading

Oil From The Cannabis Plant Is Highly Beneficial For Health

The plant cannabis sativa, which psychotropic substances such as marijuana and hashish are obtained, is used for thousands of years for therapeutic purposes, in addition to the usual recreational purposes.

However, its medicinal delta-9-thcproperties are still challenged by the social and political debate that arise, although palliative effects of cannabinoids have been tested and have actually boosted its legalization in some countries.

According to a new study, hemp oil present in the plant, which contains the cannabinoid THC and therefore no narcotic effects, it is highly beneficial to the body because it contains omega-3 and omega-6. Continue reading

Cannabis Seeds Provide More Benefits Than Omega-3

The Medicinal Plant Research Group, University of Seville, led by Professor of Pharmacology Dolores García, has found that “the oil from hemp seed has potentially beneficial components to the body,” according to the Jano platform. The study, which was published in latest issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry discloses a complete absence of cannabinoids, so no narcotic effects develop.

Medicinal Plant Research Group

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