CBD Mango Haze of CBD Crew, medicine in your plant

CBD Mango Haze has a tropical and spicy with hints of mango and pineapple and a peppery flavor taste. CBD Mango Haze has exceeded ranges CBD compared THC and CBD Crew has seen as the plants have been prerequisite 1: 1 to the extent of 1: 2, of THC and CBD. Medical applications are immense and the potential to help many health problems are great, being very proud of the content of terpenoids that they believe will be one of the most important future studies of their group for the benefit of the medical community.

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Marijuana Seeds Bulk: What are they?

The cannabis seeds are now a product in high demand for cannabis users, who increasingly seek to be self-sufficient as far as possible by growing their own marijuana plants and thus avoiding the black market.

In addition of the savings grow your own plants, we can save more if we turn to seeds in bulk.

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Auto Dinafem: Variety XXL

Again Dinafem guys are a step forward in creating cannabis varieties of high quality and present their new line of feminized autoflowering varieties XXL.

For this they have created a sub called Autodinafem that will host all their automatic creations including the new line of very large and productive variety. The XXL.

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Auto Whiteberry of Paradise Seeds, a small Dutch wonder

Auto Whiteberry

Paradise Seeds is a seed bank founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, since that time and even before, the famous producer of seeds studied to overcome the quality of its seeds by giving its a sweeter taste and a nice post-consumption.

The company is one of the Dutch pioneers in this area and as such, has been a force for the Netherlands is one of the most attractive places of quality cannabis.
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Paradise Seeds Presents Two New Varieties rich in CBD

Cannabis Seeds of Paradise Seeds are the finest qualities that we currently have on the market. Located in Amsterdam, Paradise Seeds presents its two new varieties rich in CBD: The CBD II Nebula and Durga Mata II CBD.

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Features Blueberry Marijuana

129_Blueberry -Dutch Passion-PiensaEnVerdeThe main features of blueberry family are: smooth, fruity (berries, berries, grapes), sweet and pleasant flavors. On the other hand, are varieties with powerful effects and they tend to a violet color at the end of flowering with a dense, filled with resin with a good yield and buds.

During the 1990s, DJ Short shared their varieties with the Dutch manufacturer of seeds Dutch Passion marijuana. Today we still find some varieties of the blue family in the Dutch Passion catalog as course Blueberry, but also Blue Moonshine, Original Flo, a version of Auto Blueberry autoflowering marijuana. We also found a very interesting hybrid Mazar X Blueberry called Skywalker. Continue reading

Purple Marijuana

The marijuana plants purple, violet or even coppery red are the most beautiful and the most eye-catching from panorama cannabic. Normally these peculiar colors appear in the flowering phase with seasonal temperature change, the higher the cold by nights the greater intensity of staining.
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