How To make Wine With Cannabis Leaves And Branches

Hi, not sure if you know what to do with the trunk, branches and stuff that do not do much of our beloved plant, right? Well here are the recipe to make marijuana wine!

Only utensil you need a good bowl that fits all wine and a big pot to boil water. As are 30 liters of recipe you can go making rounds to fill the bowl with boiling water.


wine cannabisIngredients:

-30 liters of boiling water
-200g (fresh) marijuana stems, leaves or branches. (You can use all-that in the proportions you please)
-22g 36 g sugar or honey
-3 oranges, sliced
​​-3 lemons, sliced
-2 yeast cakes (those pills they sell)



Put the fresh cannabis in the boiling water, add sugar, orange slices and lemon, add fine chopped yeast and let stand for several days, if you can do it in a big pot then let fire a few more minutes removing all good. Then you need to let the mixture ferment for at least 2 weeks (4 is better).


If you have a really big pot does not need a bowl, but also will have to use a recipient that can be closed, such as the betterthancookiesChinese or bottles of empty wine bottles …

This very good and has very good aroma and also if you can take cool in summer, but not too much, this scrumptious. In addition to well-kept you can last long.

We can also make wine in less quantity, respecting the proportions of the ingredients. In case you have not such a big pot.

Greetings and good smoke ..

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