How To Make A Joint To Be Less Harmful As Possible?

This page describes how consuming marijuana for a regular smoker (who also usually dispense with the filter in these cases), but strongly recommend using vaporizers to consume our flowers without putting our health at risk.


At the time of consuming marijuana is very important not to mix with snuff, snuff will do a reverse effect on our headache. The snuff decreases in blood oxygen concentration, increasing irrigation (pulses) to counter this lack of O2 in the body. Increasing irrigation increases the pain and frequency of the pulses in our head. So it’s important to forget the snuff, smoking quiet, little and in a ventilated and cool place.crutchview

To make a joint, personally I always use two filters. The first millboard, which helps not approach the maría to the second incandescent filter, cools the smoke and gives more consistency to cigar. The second filter is the cellulose or fibers usual, which will stop many substances harmful to health after burning cigar. Besides these two filters will make it smoother, if you are not used smoking is very common itching and cough, try smoking very slowly.

In the pictures you can see the grinder to shred the maría, so it is more homogeneous 4309_Grinder-Madera-Party-75-mm-piensaenverdeand not have “surprises” smoking. Of course it can be done by hand, everything I indicate is just my experience. We also need a carton for the first nozzle, although sold with an ideal size can be made as you want. The fine filters, is not necessary a large joint because also certainly, we do not smoke it whole, one of the good things about do not have snuff is that left off and continue at any time without taste bad or damaged.

As shown in picture (3) the maría is placed, cardboard filter that separates the maría of real filter and this latter at the end. So the filter will not burn by combustion, puffs will be more enjoyable and less harmful. If you’re a smoker very accustomed and with higher needs for regular consumption, it is likely you remove the ultimate filter.

  1. Grinder. We do not need lots of it, remember that you will have to wait a few minutes between puffs to go “assimilating”.
  2. The material I use. Each one with their tastes;)
  3. You should take as entertainment bundling one or two joints and leave its made, at the beginning is normal will cost you but there is much information.
  4. Now, stored in dark, dry place and never leave out the smell (for discretion).



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