Liquor Marijuana Recipe

licor de marihuanaDrink with lots MODERATION!

Well F! Today I bring you 2 ways to make cannabis liquor! It is very good but not forget that marijuana / alcohol is a strong mix and we must be very many moderation, I do not recommend more than half a glass per night and like to keep warm haha!!

1) This is the easiest, is a mixture of hard liquor with cannabis. It is rich with whiskey!

To make extracts and concentrates of alcohol and marijuana you have to choose liqueur, rum, vodka, gin and whiskey, these basic four cocktails are the most effective.


Anyway, if there is another liquor is between your favorite drinks (as not tequila, the mixture is radioactively) also may be used.

The process is the same with any strength:licor5

– 100 grams of marijuana leaves submerged in a bowl or large glass jar with 1 liter of chosen alcohol.
– Stir the mixture, ensuring that the blades are in the background.
– Cover and let macerate.
– A week after the filtering which will be necessary to squeeze the leaves thoroughly, and finally save the resulting liquid in a bottle preferably dark.
– We recommend label! Haha!!!

2) This is the recipe for homemade liquor marijuana


1 liter of ethyl alcohol
25 leaves of fresh maria
1 kilo of sugar
1 liter and a half of water
Half teaspoon of glycerin


Place in a wide mouth jar leaves marijuana.licor2

Add the alcohol, let macerate for 15 days (minimum), with the bottle closed, exposing it to the sun for a bit to take better color.

Place sugar in a saucepan, add water and boil for 15 minutes. Allow to cool.

Add the syrup to the alcohol which was in maceration. Filter.

licor filtrar
Add the glycerin and bottling.

Well folks, I hope you serve them! It is very good!


Take little: Larger doses do not multiply the psychoactive effects, but it will produce dizziness. That is, the typical effect produced by mixing large quantities of marijuana and alcohol.

Good vibes!

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