Ivy Extract: Effective insecticide against whitefly

This time we will talk about a very common creeper plant, to which we are accustomed to seeing, which can serve as a powerful Insectproof and insecticide, of our enemies insects; The Common ivy or Hedera helix, who does not know? So at our hand and such abundance at our disposal, the fermented extract is Insectproof and even insecticide.


Originally from Eurasia and North Africa, of the family Araliaceae, evergreen, leathery leaves alternate, lobed, less floriferous leaves, small green flowers, its fruits are berries of black color, the size of a pea from 3 to 5 in each pod, but be careful! are poisonous. Besides the root, has an adventitious rhizomes which adheres to vertical zones and thus climb to 50 meters in length.


Hedera_helix799With its fermented extract we will draw heterosides present throughout the plant, a dilution of 5%, ie 50 milliliters of extract in a liter of water and spraying with this solution we will fight to the principles of seizure foci of mites or aphids, but how does a good work is with whiteflies.

For the fermented extract we need 1 kilo of fresh plant (leaves and stems) in 10 liters of water of good quality free lime, chlorine, ammonia nitrite etc. with a pH around 7, for about two weeks moving it every day until the end of fermentation. This extract is slightly more toxic to us than others thus be careful not to ingest and keep children away from it and at the time of spraying. (Many people are allergic to the sap ivy).

It is advisable to do 3 sprays in 9 days, ie a spray every three days, as the eggs do not die and hatch in one to three days, thus reach greater control of the pest.

Using it for preventive and attack but always be better to take a small focus time that an advanced pest, this does not mean that the extract does not work well, but whitefly in its optimal environmental conditions (temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C and low humidity) is very difficult to end it. We also recommend using large color yellow traps. It would grow almost unnecessary if not to produce industrially extract as it is very easy to dispose of it or ask for a gardener when they do pruning.


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