An Israeli startup develops a medical cannabis inhaler

With 3D printing, an Israeli start-up has developed two marijuana medical inhalers: one for use in hospital and another pocket for home use.


Transform cannabis and psychoactive plants in traditional medicine, it is the goal of the Israeli start-up Syqe Medical Ltd, based in Tel Aviv. To do this, the team – composed of mechanical and electrical engineers, doctors, pharmacologists, etc. – worked on the completion of a medical marijuana inhaler. Two versions are under development: the Exo Syqe Inhaler for hospital use (released in Israel in late 2014) and Syqe Inhaler for home use (in early 2015). Inhalers operate with preloaded cartridges of cannabis.

The inhaler would allow physicians to prescribe a controlled dose of marijuana for patients with chronic neuropathic pain, that is to say, the present pain in the nerves located outside spinal cord. They may come from different sources, such a problem in the body, side effects of a drug, a tumor or traumatic lesion located on a nerve pathway.

45% reduction in pain

This type of pain is difficult to relieve by pharmacological treatment, says the study published on And medical cannabis dosage is a major obstacle to the treatment of neuropathic pain. The objective of this study is to explore the possibilities of a thermal metered dose inhaler that would provide safety, tolerance, efficiency and ease of use. The test was performed on eight patients with these pain and taking a stable analgesic therapy, including medicinal cannabis. Experience has shown a 45% reduction in the intensity of pain 20 minutes after inhalation. Some “tolerable” dizziness according to the study, 15 to 20 minutes after inhalation, were the only side effects.

In video, the operation of the portable inhaler Syqe:

With this type of medical device, the effectiveness of the initial dose – less than 1 milligram – can be measured. Thus, the medical staff can make adjustments if necessary.

Printed in 3D and connected

75% of the parts of the two inhalers have been achieved through a 3D printer. Different materials of the family of photopolymer were used to create the various elements, ensuring stiffness, clarity, biocompatibility and resistance to heat. Inhalers also have a Wi-Fi allowing them to communicate easily with a tablet and a smartphone, allowing the patient and her doctor to monitor consumption.

In image Syqe Inhalor Exo, hospital use device:


Source: industrie-techno

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