“I’m A Doctor And Two Years Ago That Cannabis Is My Remedy”

soy medicoLuis Oliva is clinical and homeopath doctor. He uses marijuana to treat glaucoma. Other colleagues contest the use of this substance and still claim that there are no serious studies.

Two years ago I consume cannabis, is my choice and defend it,” says Luis Oliva, general practitioner and homeopath. At age 55 he was diagnosed with glaucoma. After performing traditional and alternative medical treatments, improved temporarily. But the worse the symptoms, a Spanish professional researcher of natural therapies, recommended that consume cannabis oil, a preparation that is done with the plant. “I started researching and found many cases of European patients. I discussed it with my family and found it strange though, saw the results and I did not doubt that well, “explained to Perfil


On the questions of colleagues, Oliva says it is a substance with beneficial properties for certain cases to be “encouraged more research.”cannamed

It’s a start, you should analyze in depth the benefits and tell us more about the plant. Remove the nickname drug from the negative and build on its strengths,” he says. That’s how I decided to join the Movement for Free Cannabis (Mocali) composed of groups and activists around the country performing itinerant conferences for the dissemination of medical and industrial cannabis under the name “Cannamed“.

Gastón Durana, coordinator in Mocali, prepared capsules with cannabis seeds, which he cultivated to deliver to people who want an approach to natural medicine.

capsulas de cannabis

carlos denim
Carlos Damin

However, many medical colleagues question the use of this substance. For Carlos Damin, professor and doctor of the department of Toxicology, School of Medicine and director of FundarTox, although there are components of THC therapeutics, there are other more powerful drugs for each diagnosis.

There is no clear evidence to use cannabis, and no serious clinical research. Only in places like Uruguay and the Netherlands, where it is legal, you can test the substance,” says Damin.

In addition, the toxicologist maintains that there are analyzed and controlled drugs to ensure the results of its consumption. In the case of cannabis use in the form of ointment, oil or extract, there is no medical examination and should be authorized by the various Ministries of Health corresponding. “Personally I disagree with that used for therapeutic purposes because it is not supported by anyone,” he says.
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