How to make cuttings easily

Thanks to cuttings we can maintain genetic plant we like a lot and enjoy it at any time.

The only thing to do is to keep a mother plant of this variety (a plant that is always in growth phase) and from it we will cut cuttings (pieces of branch) to root them and get clones, prepared for growing with the same characteristics as the mother plant.

In the market there are packs for cuttings containing everything you need to make your own cuttings. Make cuttings is one of the most difficult processes that are many growers, but it really is very simple if the following steps are followed.


The material we will need is:

  • A greenhouse / to make cuttings. to keep the relative humidity of the highest possible cutting.
  • A scalpel. to cut the cuttings from the mother plant
  • A rooting hormone. to help the cuttings to take root.
  • A medium in which to place the cutting while removing the root.
  • A spray for spraying water to the cuttingsPlanta_Madre_marihuana


As regards the mother plant which will take the cuttings we have to consider:

  1. Stop fertilize it one week before making cuttings. This favors the branches of the plant accumulate more carbohydrates that improve the appearance of roots in cuttings.
  2. Watered few hours before cutting cuttings. It is very important that the cuttings have maximum hydration at the time of its cut from the mother plant. So will be harder to become dehydrated.


Ok. We will have to perform the cutting of the branch to the cutting.

We must take a branch and by 4 knot we can make a cut between two nodes. That is, we have 4 knots and before the 5th halfway, cut at an angle of 45 °. Or if we make them bigger we can cut between the 5th and 6th knot or between the 7th and 8th knot.


As we cut the cutting we put it directly into a glass with distilled water so that air does not get on the court.

This distilled water we can mix it with some root stimulator (at half the dose recommended by the manufacturer) for the cutting find stimulators to help as soon as possible to take root.


Now it start preparing the middle where we will put the cuttings, either rockwool or substrate.

You have to moisturize well with distilled water with a pH adjusted to 6.5 and if you want you can also add some root stimulator (half the dose recommended by the manufacturer).

Once hydrated, try to drain them to the maximum so that they are moist but not flooded.


It’s time to prepare the cuttings and place in the middle of cuttings support.

We took the cutting of water, cut the branches and leaves come out of the last 2 knots and we cut the tips of the leaves of the top so as not lose moisture during the process of taking roots.

Next, we carefully scraped the lower stem to remove the crust and hormones so that penetrate better into the stem, and root out so quickly.

We can only apply to the stem hormones. If are in gel, it is best to take a little gel into a bowl and dip the cuttings there to not leave plant debris inside the boat hormones.


Finally we will put it the cuttings in each pot and will stay inside the greenhouse to conserve the moisture.Esquejes_en_invernadero

The first days keep the vents closed and spray with distilled water spray once a day to increase the humidity.

After 4 or 5 days, opens the vents, so that air is renewed, and spraying still to maintain high relative humidity.

The cuttings can root in a week or 5. It depends on the variety and the care we have given them.

Once they take root, pass them to the middle where you’re going to grow and you have everything to enjoy your favorite variety once again.

Source: growlet

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