History Of The Term 420 Associated With Marijuana

The history of the term 420 began any day of the year 1971 at the High School of San Rafael, California. The 420datingWaldo Brothers (The Waldos), students at the school, knew of a person who could no longer care for the land where he grew marijuana near a place called Point Reyes.

Statue of Louis Pasteur, at San Rafael High School, which is said to be the site of the original 4:20 gatherings.

The Waldos and some friends, decided to uproot plants and gain a good supply of grass. It was established as usual, based on school schedules and activities, meet at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana at the statue erected in honor of Louis Pasteur. “4:20 Louis” was the password provided for the appointment.


Over time, the term 4:20 gained popularity spontaneously and 420 worked as a secret code unknown to parents and teachers who gathered to friends to smoke a joint.

Several people began to consider 4:20 pm as the flowers needed to enroll one hour and ignite the mind, becoming massive custom among those who frequently smoke cannabis. Is how soon the concept of time 4:20 pm was associated with the calendar date 4/20 by April 20th (month of great importance for the cannabis culture) became the day of marijuana for cannabis subculture.

Every year thousands of people gather to celebrate the 4/20 organizing massive smoking that have become a way of at least once a year, make visible the cannabis world society and agitate for the legalization of cannabis.
There are numerous cities that call this celebration being in a visible place (parks, plazas, university campuses) on 20 April each year. Of course, cities in the United States as the pioneering San Rafael and San Francisco in California; campus in Boulder and in different places in Denver, Colorado; Boston; Seattle and New York, are among the most popular.


In recent years, the approach could be an important part of the American population to a less stigmatized and legalization of cannabis is discussed in political cultural forums, and medical image. In this regard, it should be noted that the legalization of marijuana for therapeutic or medicinal use, which has been unfolding in different states, gives a new vision and impetus to day celebration of cannabis in the future.

Danny_Marsala_Thanks_To_The_Waldos-front-largeIn Europe, the term has no 4:20 social and symbolic as marked as in North America. This may be because, in some way or another, tenure, self-cultivation and use (whether therapeutic or recreational) marijuana is not clearly illegal in different countries and debate on a less restrictive use of it is on the table on a daily basis.

Some erroneous stories indicate to think that 420 is a police code california employee for cases in relation to cannabis, but the fact that the code 420 of the California police has nothing to do with marijuana.
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