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skunkSkunk Variety

Skunk is undoubtedly one of the best known and most cultivated varieties of the cannabis world. The Skunk is a hybrid cross of two landraces ( varieties pure ) Sativas, Columbian Gold and Acapulco Gold and Afghani Indica landrace.

This strain of marijuana was developed in the early 70s under the intense sun of California and was the masterpiece of a group of growers known by the name of Sacred Seeds, under the command of “Sam The Skunkma “.

In this glorious age, the selections were made on foreign tens of thousands of plants. Thus, year after year the characteristics of Skunk were stabilized according to the criteria that have made it an impressive variety of marijuana: good production, short flowering, good development of the lateral branches, dense and resinous buds with little leaf, powerful scents and sensational aromas.

skunk- from-sensi-seeds-bank

Sam The Skunkman brought Shunk in Holland along 80´s and then sold some seeds under the label of Choice Grower. The remaining seed stock was purchased by Neville Shoenmakers, owner of The Seed Bank which later became known as the famous Sensi Seeds Bank.

The variety Skunk 1 is now regarded as a very stable and homogeneous plant, which explains why it has been used to create new hybrid marijuana such as Haze x Skunk or Hawaiian Skunk from Seedsman.

Despite this, parents used to create seeds Skunk # 1 were different from year to year and were slight variations depending on the vintage. We can speak of the famous clone UK Cheese (Exodus Cut) with a smell and taste to the original and powerful once it was discovered by accident in the UK in a pack of Skunk # 1 of Sensi Seeds in 1988. The amazing power of this aromatic herb has made it an indispensable choice in the cannabis world.

Today, there are two main variations of the Skunk # 1, version “Sweet Skunk” of Sam Skunkman more Sativa characteristics, with a soft and refined aroma, nice effects and calm. Moreover we have the version “Roadkill Skunk” from Neville (Neville currently working with Mr Nice Seeds) and it has more features Indica Afghani with very strong aromas and an ideal sleeping more “couchlock” effect.

The Skunk has also often been crossed with an Indica marijuana strain in order to further increase production and power on this side “Roadkill Skunk”.

We found Skunk in other marijuana strain:

In the Sensi Seeds, famous Super Skunk , Senshi Skunk, Shiva Skunk, Big Bud , Skunk / Kush …

In Mr Nice Seeds, Critical Mass, Shit, Devil, G13/Skunk

In Dutch Passion, Mazar, Green Spirit, Trance …

Do not forget Warlock of Magus Genetics, Critical+ of Dinafem, LSD of Barney’s Farm, Kannabia Special from Kannabia, Channel+ from Medical Seeds, Kritikal Bilbo of Genehtik, Mamba Negra of Blim Burn Seeds, Rica of Elite Seeds or Gokunk from Philosopher Seeds!

1 shunk gokung
Gokung of Philosopher Seeds

The cannabis seeds bank Dutch Passion also proposes Skunk seeds from lines such as Ultra Skunk , Euphoria and Orange Bud. Greenhouse Seeds proposes Lemon Skunk, from Kiwi Seeds Kiwi Skunk , from Female Seeds Skunk Special and from Elite Seeds Bestial Skunk .

The Cheese clone has also been used as the basis for several marijuana plants as evidenced by almost the entire catalog of Big Buddha Seeds or Blue Cheese from Barney’s Farm, the Cheese Wreck from Sagarmatha, the No Name of Medical Seeds, Sweet Cheese of Sweet Seeds or Cheese from Greenhouse and Dinafem.

We highlight the Early Skunk from Sensi Seeds, a hybrid specially adapted to growing outdoors and Shark Shock of Mr Nice Seeds as it is a cross between Skunk # 1 and the famous White Widow .

The Skunk # 1 and Skunk hybrid marijuana strains are short flowering that is easy to grow and therefore are recommended for beginner growers. The Skunk always be a safe bet in terms of performance, flavors and effects. All I advise you to cultivate indoors is having a good carbon filter to reduce odors.

Shark Shock of Mr Nice
Shark Shock of Mr Nice

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