How Hashish Is Made

Hashish or cost is usually brown substance with a high concentration of THC and similar to the flowers of the female haschichcannabis plant composition. The best hashish in the world is produced in Morocco and usually has an egg shape. The Hashish is appreciated by many consumers of cannabis for its special flavor, smell and concentrated size, this makes it more discreet than the buds of marijuana.

To enjoy good quality hashish, unadulterated and homemade, before we have to make a resin extraction.

The traditional and most popular way for extraction is the use of sieves, as to have for centuries by Moroccan farmers using porous fabric for filtering the resin of marijuana.2284_prensa-pollrn

We should note that if we make hashish, the resin extracted there giving you heat press it, for example with a Pollen Press.

Today resin extractions are mainly divided into two families:

Extractions under dry and extractions with ice. There are several tools on the market for private use, to facilitate the work of making hashish cannabis grower. It is always advisable to freeze marijuana (about two hours) to facilitate the detachment of the resin.

Extraction of under dry hashish:


The BubbleBox box is made ​​from wood of the highest quality (Australian pine), appropriate to cure herbs long time, as it respects the aroma and flavor without transmitting artificial odors that alter the buds.
Bubblebox is handmade and fasteners are plated with 24 carat gold. Also 3 meshes are clearly identified and are 140, 107 and 70 microns.

2280_hash shaker sHASH SHAKER

Hash shaker is shaped utensil shaker, with two caps at both sides of easy opening.
Its use is very simple, just open the top cap, the buds are inserted and stir a few minutes, the bottom opens and you can collect the resin powder.



Rotator is a mini washing machine fully removable for easy collection of the resin.
This device is suitable for those growers who refuse to pull the resinated leaves manicure plant along with virtually unsmokable small buds, but still full of resin.

With that fuel you get class hash top 100% organic.

Extraction of hash with ice:

Bubble Bags2275_bublebag

This extraction kit comprises some bags with a different size filters. Its use is simple.

Only 2 buckets 7 liters, ice packs, rods pastry can be manual or electric, the raw material to be small leaves or shredded buds but not carved be needed, removing branches to avoid breaking the meshes during use.

Within the cube containing the resin that has leaked from the bags.

Bubbleextractor Washer2285_lavadora-hachis

Bubble extractor comes with a pyramid bag, this economic machine, used for preparing resins of medicinal and aromatic plants using cold water and ice.
We’ll have to leave the resulting dry pollen 48h to press it or consume it.

I hope you have a result of help!

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