Frequent Problems Growing Cannabis

Cultivate strong and good quality cannabis is not only to plant a seed and let it grow by giving only water and soil in which cling. Cultivating cannabis needs more dedication.

The plant needs the best environment to develop its full potential and to harvest the maximum we can from a plant…

This frequent problems section will help us to know what can happen to our plants, so we can avoid it before it’s too late.

To avoid problems we will always fertilize with half doses putting in the compost pot we have, well diluted in water and by washing roots every two months.

Wash earth is to remove all the nutrients of the substrate in order to avoid large concentrations of salts which prevent good absorption of nutrients through the root system. After each washing we must fertilize roots .

FALTA DE AGUALack of irrigation:

The plants were withered, grow poorly, the leaves are weak and small, the substrate becomes very hard.

We must irrigate with abundant water (if water mixed with a small portion of soap, the land will better absorb water and will take longer to lose it, a dry substrate causes the roots of cannabis suffer and die. If the substrate is very compact (mulching and composting) will holes with a pencil-shaped k 45 for water to penetrate to the bottom and the surface is no puddle.

EXCESO DE AGUAExcess irrigation:

The ground is always wet, moldy it goes and stem of the plant starts to get soft at the base of the substrate. Growth is stunted and roots die from lack of oxygen, water floods the large pores and displaces the oxygen that will stay with puddled around the substrate and killing the entire root system.

Spacing more time between watering. If the stem of the plant becomes soft, aerating the soil to kill the fungus.

Low light:POCA LUZ

Plants grow spindly, stretching between the knots looking much light. Become spindly, little tiny and hardwoods buds. Often the stems are broken and the percentage of males is far greater.

We will move the plants to places facing south to receive more hours of daylight, we will go up plants to the roof … and if we grow indoors we will increase the number of lumens.

ACUMULACION DE SALESAccumulation of salts:

The plants show deficiencies that are not corrected when we fertilize, there are remains of salts in the pot in the dish drain, on the ground or in the stems. The leaves are bent downwardly as fertilizer in excess.

Washing soil with 2 liters of water per liter of soil.

Excess fertilizer:exceso abono

The plant is a dark green color, the leaves curl downward “claw shaped” burn at the tips and the burn progresses to the petiole. The grass that suffers excess fertilizer scratches and even sizzling when smoking it by the remains of fertilizer.

Wash abundantly of the soil to drag excess fertilizer, then fertilize soft and spacing the fertilizer. Fertilize with half dose which indicates the pot.

Lack of Fertilize:FALTAS DE ABONO

The plants turn a light green color (although this may be characteristic of the breed to cultivate) and the oldest leaves turn yellow, the growth is very slow and if it is blooming, the buds do not grow and are very small.

Fertilize with a rich micronutrient, once every two weeks, highly diluted with half the recommended dose.



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