Female Sexual Lubricant Based On Marijuana Causes Furor In California

Female Sexual Lubricant

The market launch of “Foria” intimate lubricant for women, in addition to lubricate promises to increase sexual arousal, is becoming top in California.

The “Group Aphrodite” in California, has finally introduced to the market Foria, which already has, at least in Internet-with furious statements from satisfied users like: “Oh my God! I have had multiple orgasms for 15 minutes. That had never happened to me.”

The active component of intimate oil is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), considered the greatest of the elements that give marijuana its main features. It also has other cannabinoid products, all on a base of coconut oil. The product is available in two sizes spray, also promising some situations beyond the traditional use of lubricants.

The effect appears to be stronger in younger users.

Female Sexual Lubricant

“The younger and sexually active women become, the more intense will be the experience, the most direct way to orgasm,” says on their official website promotion Foria, ensuring levels “higher pleasure” with its use . But not only the girls seem to be rejoicing, as also ensures the manufacturing company.

“Older users confessed that testing the product felt that reconnected with their sexuality, who arrived kindly to climax and then slept peacefully throughout the night cum,” add the electronic leaflet.


The lubricant can be purchased only time in California, where marijuana is authorized at the medical level and need medical prescription.

The inventor of Foria, Matheew Gerson, has said that his creation is the “solution to multiple marital problems. If medicines, compounds and drugs of all kinds are used through the vagina to improve sex, and doctors encourage it, we must think that our solution is much better, healthier and also enjoyable. ”
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